Yellow Spot Disease


Yellow spot disease is a disease that occurs in people over 45 years of age and causes vision loss as a result of degeneration of the nerve cells in the back of the eye. Yellow spot disease is also known as macular degeneration.

Symptoms of yellow spot disease; A blurred area or a black spot within the viewing angle, blurred vision, lack of light and sensitivity, difficulty in night vision and difficulty in distinguishing color are known. However, the most obvious symptom is that the straight lines are seen not as straight but as wavy or broken. Yellow spot disease is dry type and age type.

Dry Type Yellow Dot Disease

It is the most common and the most common disease. As a result of the progression of age, thinning of this layer causes loss of functions of the eye over time. Dry yellow spot disease is a disorder that begins with the placement of small yellow substances known as druzen on the macula layer and prevents the visualization of this substance by increasing the amount of time. The dry type yellow spot disease is considered less dangerous than the age type yellow spot disease. The dry-type yellow spot is kept under control to prevent the disease from becoming more dangerous.

Age Type Yellow Dot Disease

As the name suggests, age-type yellow spot disease develops depending on age. The age of the yellow dot disease causes more damage to the nerves.

Yellow spot disease develops as a result of damage to the retina by abnormal growth of the capillaries feeding the eye. Excessive growth of capillaries in the liquid or blood leak while performing tasks in the retina of the eye causes damage. Because of this, the yellow spot disease is more important than the dry type and therefore it is more important to treat it.

Yellow Spot Disease Treatment

Although there is no definitive treatment for yellow spot disease, the aim is to maintain visual acuity and, at least partially, to correct the vision. Methods applied to yellow spot treatment;

Intraocular Injection: It is a method that can be applied in age-type yellow spot disease. If the controls are performed at monthly intervals and the lesion size increases in the eye, the fluid accumulated by the injection method is reduced.

Photodynamic Therapy (PDT): It is a treatment to correct macular degeneration with laser method. Laser beams are used. With this method, it is necessary to protect the eye from the sun rays and bright light because of sensitivity in the eye after treatment.

Treatment of yellow spot disease can be done in many hospitals and outpatient clinics as well as in Istanbul hospitals which have the best devices and personnel in medicine.

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