Vaser Liposuction

Parts where the fats will be stored in body are determined genetically. Fat cell, whose number does not increase after adolescence, begins to increase volumetrically when gaining weight is in question. It may not be possible to get thin in some parts that have excess fat such as hip, groin, abdomen, waist and arm with exercises and diets. So, it is necessary to realize operations to reduce fat volume in these parts.

VASER (Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance) is an advanced application which uses developed ultrasonic energy to reduce fat selectively. It is used to provide getting thin in these body parts and create a fit appearance.

VASER is a liposelective method. It gives sound energy in wavelength which cuts only fat, to the parts including excess fat cells with fine probes by doing small sections. Blood vessels, sensitive nerves and connective tissues found under skin are not influenced. VASER method causes less bleeding and cyanosis related to bleeding than normal liposuction because in VASER blood vessels are protected. As sensitive nerves are protected and connective tissues are damaged less, less pain occurs after the operation and holes and fluctuations which occur in conventional liposuction are invisible. 

In VASER, mostly, local anaesthesia is used. If VASER method is applied on many parts, general anaesthesia can be necessary. After operation, passing a night in hospital will be enough. It is possible to return to your daily life in two days even after operations which are applied on many parts. While it is necessary to use corset during six weeks after conventional liposuction, special corsets are used during three weeks after VASER.

Thanks to VASER Liposuction operation, by getting off your regional fats, you can reach fitter appearance in a month. 

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