Treatment Process


The patients who come to our country from foreign countries for treatment should contact us before at least 10 days. So, your pre-interview appointment is taken from the hospital which you want or we refer. Operation date determination, flight ticket and hotel booking are very important in terms of cost and availability.


You can contact us by filling the “Consult Your Doctor” form on our website “”, by contacting our customer representative through whatsapp, viber from +90 507 485 72 72 or on social media. You can get easily in contact with our personnel who speaks your language. Our personnel offers an option in the shortest time by researching the most appropriate options in terms of price and quality in the direction of your information. When you decide, we contact the hospital, get an appointment for pre-interview and operation and inform you. According to treatment time, we offer you flight ticket, hotel accomodation, transfer, tour options and prices. According to your decision, we plan the treatment and travel program and offer them to you. You can take some of these services or all of them. For example, you can arrange yourself the flight ticket and hotel.

Decision Process and Travel Programme Determination

After your decision, we get an appointment from the hospital which you chose. If you want, we realize the hotel and flight ticket booking. We prepare tour program. You can make an advance payment or make the total payment in the end of the treatment.

Airport Transfer

When you come to Turkey, our personnel speaking your language will meet you and transfer you to the hotel where you will stay through our VIP vehicle.

Hotel Accomodation

You can stay comfortably in the hotel which is close to the clinic or hospital that you will be treated.

Preliminary Examination

We pick you up with our VIP vehicle from the hotel where you stay and carry you the health institution where you will get examined. After pre-interview, your operation date is determined. The operation is generally carried out one or two days later. Then, you are transferred to your hotel again.

Treatment Day

In operation day, you are transferred to the hospital where you will be treated. Your counselor being our personnel will be always with you. If you should stay in the hospital, you can rest in the room prepared in advance in company with a companion.

Tour Programs

After the approval of your doctor, we pick you up from the hospital and transfer you to your hotel. In the direction of your request, you can participate in some activities like city tour, shopping tour, entertainment tour or bosphorus tour with a guide. If you want, you can make yourself these tour organisations.


In the turn day, we pick you up from the hotel with our VIP vehicle and transfer you to the airport. Our personnel keeps you company until you put on the plane.

After Treatment

Our company does not leave you alone after the treatment. Our customer representatives call you periodically. They take your views about your complaint and satisfaction.

For everyone, to be treated in a foreign country is a difficult decision. You want to entrust you to the doctors who will understand you, listen your problems, apply the most proper treatment without having financial worry and provide this treatment in the most modern clinics or hospitals. You are right. Your health is in question and your health is the biggest present. In Turkey, especially in Istanbul, you can find the most modern hospitals, the doctors who are specialists in their field and the health personnels who are friendly and provide that you make yourself at home. However, you can have your holiday while you are being treated. You can have lots of treatments like hair transplantation, aesthetic surgery, test-tube baby treatment, ophthalmological treatment, dental treatment, organ transplantation and obesity. In Turkey, you can be treated both at affordable price and in the most qualified hospitals in Europe, in company with the doctors and health personnels who are specialists in their field.

Is the treatment through Barsan Health Tourism more expensive?

Barşan Health Tourism is a private company being profit-oriented. But, Barsan Health Tourism takes commission not from the guests, from the contructual health institutions. You can make price control for the same treatment by calling both the hospital and Barşan Health Tourism. You will see that there is no difference between them. You will also see that the prices are cheaper in Barşan Health Tourism.

Why Barşan Health Tourism?

As Barşan Health Tourism, we have lots of patients. So we have special price agreements with hospitals and clinics. That’s why we can take lower prices from you. However, because we are tourism agent, you can have the services that you will need during the treatment process like hotel accomodation, flight ticket and airport-hotel/ hotel-hospital transfers through us. Moreover, you can realize city tours, shopping tours and holiday organisations through us. Our company is one of the most well-established tourism agents of Turkey. Thanks to our guides who are specialists in their field and speak your language, you can feel at home. While you return to your country, you will have had the most enjoyable holiday of your life. Above all, you will have had the happiness of being healthy again.