Progressive mourning and often severe weight loss may cause sagging of the inner leg. In this case, the fringing of the inside of the legs hanging while walking creates a disturbing situation for patients and restricts the freedom of choice of clothing. Thigh stretching is performed to correct sagging here.

In cases where there is excess without sagging in the thigh, the fat can be removed by VASER liposuction. If there is sagging or sagging after fat removal, thigh stretching should be performed. In most of the thigh stretching operations, the drooping skin is removed in half a month, leaving a scar that corresponds to the cross-limb residue, resulting in a taut and flat leg. If the degree of sagging is advanced in people who have lost excess weight, another scar may be added in this leg.

Thigh stretching operations are performed under general anesthesia and lasting approximately two hours. One night in your hospital is enough. A special corset is used for three weeks. Although the movements are limited for a week, walking may begin normally at the end of this period.

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