Technical Method of Miracle Treatment Box for Mouth Bone Melting


Gingival inflammation, prolonged use of prostheses, diabetes mellitus, and melting of the jawbone are being rebuilt by the revolutionary Box Technique. This method is applied in the clinic only 5 in the world in Turkey only in our clinic Box Technical Directors are implemented.

The jawbone melting has been a problem that has not been treated for a long time and reduces the quality of life of individuals. Because the teeth in the jaw bone melting prosthesis could not be done, did not allow implant treatment. Therefore, it is not possible to replace the tooth loss caused by many reasons such as genetics, mis-nutrition, lack of oral hygiene and this invites many diseases in health and has a great decline in quality of life.

All this is now over with the Box Technique. With Box Technique, the jawbone is melted and the artificial jaw is made first and then the missing teeth are completed with the implant method. With Box Teknik, artificial jaw application is made in only five countries in the world. America, Peru, together with Italy, Turkey-Istanbul is one of the five countries. Oral and maxillofacial surgeons are the leading physicians who have successfully implemented the technique of Box Technique in the world. In fact, numerous patients who are looking for the deviated, even from the Balkans, Europe and even Australia, have even got to the other end of the world. They come to Nihat Tanfer and get back to their country with the happiness of laughing again.

Why does the jawbone melt?

Our experts summarize the main reasons for the dissolution of the jawbone; Uzun In persons who have lost their teeth or teeth in one part of the mouth a long time, resorption occurs in bone tissue. Melting bone tissue sometimes creates aesthetic problems, renders bone intact for implant operations and even paves the way for various health problems. Patients using a long-time prosthesis are seen melting in the jaw bones. Depending on the trauma, the jaw may also be lost in the jaw bone. In patients with gum inflammation and advanced gingival disease, resorbations appear in the surrounding bone. In addition, diabetes can cause jaw bone melting.

Can the lost jawbone be reconstructed?

Yes, animal bones are adapted to human bone tissue in laboratory environment by special techniques. PLA (polylactic acid) plates, which can be absorbed by a surgical operation, are placed in the region of the lost jawbone. It is inserted into the lost jaw bone by a surgical operation.

How does the jawbone disappear with box technique?

In the Box Technical method, the lost bone tissue is reconstructed in three dimensions. Even people who have lost their teeth years ago and have become unable to use a prosthesis may have a fixed prosthesis after years. The method is still used in brain surgery and orthopedics. In this method; The polylactic acid plates which are soluble and compatible with the tissue are placed in the jawbone. It is then filled with bone grafts from animal bone. Six months after this application, healthy bone tissue is obtained and the patient has new teeth with the implant.

What kind of bone do you use?

Cattle, calves and horses' leg bones are undergoing certain procedures.

Sterilized and protected in bone banks

Why couldn't a jawbone be done like this before?

Before that, bone methods were applied, but what made the box technique superior to others was that; providing a three-dimensional bone repair without the need for bone removal from another part of the patient's body.

Who is leading this technique in the world?

This method was first introduced in America and then developed in Italy.

Is this technique only used when implanting?

No, it is also applied in people with bone loss around the teeth due to gum disease.

How soon after the patient gets new teeth?

Between 6 and 8 months, the patient regains new teeth. After the operation, the application of ice to the jaw should not be fed with hot foods and should not be smoked.

Will Box make a new contribution to technical dentistry?

Yes, especially in women after 35 years of jaw bones can be important problems. Bone melting caused by gum disease leads to collapse of the facial muscles, lines and wrinkles. This operation shows that we have covered an important stage in aesthetic dentistry.

Why does the jawbone disappear?

Improper tooth brushing and flossing may cause this problem. At first, gingivitis develops with gingivitis. If this simple inflammation is not treated, over time the bone tissue surrounding the teeth will be affected and melts in the jawbone.

Melting of the jawbone may also occur after tooth extraction. If the maintenance of poorly made bridge prostheses is also neglected, significant losses may occur in the jaw bones. On the other hand, bone loss is observed in those who use palate prostheses for many years.

Box Technical Which patients can be applied?

- Widespread bone loss in the jawbone,

- Those who have had to use a total prosthesis for many years,

- People who suffer from bone loss as a result of some operations,

- Those who have an aesthetic concern due to the inability of the bone to reach the desired size due to the withdrawal of some teeth,

- People who cannot be implanted without jawbone construction.

New Teeth will be Ideal


Yeah, he can. Because of this technique, the lost bone tissue will be restored and the new teeth will be very natural. The loss of the jaw bones in patients with multiple teeth loss after the age of 50 prevented the patient from using his prostheses as before. Accordingly, porcelain teeth were very large and large. Because the box is replaced by the lost bones, the sizes of the teeth will be in the ideal size.


Operation time varies according to the case. In Italy, despite the work we did in Turkey last about two hours we did in the first operation it lasted 50 minutes.


Yes, there is nothing that prevents the patient from returning to work and social life on the same day. There is a possibility of small amount of edema. However, in all jaw regeneration performed under general anesthesia, it is appropriate for the patient to rest in hospital one night.


In our clinic, it has been successfully applied in 135 patients over 3 years and the results are very successful.


Indeed, the best part of medicine is to see and enjoy the happiness of these patients after the treatment.

One patient kadar If you had me face transplant, I would be so happy. Because all the doctors told me you couldn't make a hard tooth. You did this. Bunu I can't tell how such and similar expressions touch me and my team.

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