Skin Care Methods


Skin Care Methods

Skin care can be done in many ways, but medical care is more cosmetic and with definitive results. The causes of medical skin care can be done to renew, tighten and reduce the signs of aging, to eliminate color differences and to treat acne. We can classify some of the skin care treatments that are the most prominent in medical skin care and which have the highest level of patient satisfaction.

Lymphobiony Care

This method, which can be applied to the face and neck region, is a method used mostly to relieve the signs of aging. The one-session Lymphobiony method is approximately 55-60 minutes.

The aim of the Lymphobiony method is to purify the skin from the toxins, to compress, to renew the cells by vibrating cellular electrotherapy and to remove the dead cells from the skin with ulstrasonic peeling.

It can be applied to everyone over the age of 20 in this method, which is claimed to have no side effects.

Oxygen Skin Care

Since oxygen is our life source, it has not been overlooked that it is the most effective substance for our skin renewal. This method allows the breathing of our skin, which allows us to breathe, as well as the breathing of the skin. Oxygen skin care method can be applied to everyone over 20 years of age. Because skin renewal is 20 years of age, it is wiser to intervene after this age.

Oxygen skin care application is performed by transferring the cosmetic product blended with pure oxygen to the subcutaneous epidemic layer by needle-free injection. Oxygen skin care application is done in a total of 8 sessions between 5-8 days. If the change in mimic muscles is seen in 8 weeks clearly. In the case of home skin care products, long-term reduction in wrinkles, smooth and smooth skin.

Acne Treatment

Acne is usually a skin problem mixed with acne. Acne is the main features that separate the treatment of acne treatment with natural methods, the treatment of acne does not reach the solution with methods applied at home.

Although the methods used for acne treatment are a solution for acne, the solutions used for acne are not sufficient for acne, but they can become more resistant to the drugs used for acne treatment. Acne is also a problem caused by the liver. Inflammatory and painful acne-like acne kind of acne leads to serious disorders, but there is definite solution with medical methods.

The medical products used in the treatment of acne vary according to the acne density and the type of acne. Drugs and gels used during treatment should be used under the supervision of a dermatologist.

Skin care treatments can be useful in the treatment of acne as well as cosmetic procedures should be done by the specialist.

For the best solution to your skin problems, you should see a specialist and apply a suitable drug to your metabolism.

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