Satin Facial Lift


Satin facial lift is an operation performed by stimulating collagen structures found in the skin without surgery.

Satin face lift can take great steps in this area, as it is an effective process to stimulate skin and minimize signs of aging. Today, people who turn to painless, painless operations aim to see the greatest impact with the least damage. This increased the interest in surgical methods and decreased interest in non-invasive methods with the help of technology.

Satin face stretching is also important in correcting not only the face, but also under the chin, breast and neck neck.

Satin Face Lift Method

Satin face lift operation is noninvasive, bloodless and without cuts, without the need for anesthesia. In practice, cells are stimulated using the heat in the process of stimulating the cells and removing the deformations on the face by stimulating collagen networks. Because of the heat used in the satin facelift method, no damage is made to the tissues.

The sessions are held four times a month and once a week. During the session, collagen layers in the skin are stimulated by starting at the bottom and face lifting effect called face lifting effect. Depending on the age of the person, even when the first session, the symptoms of aging are decreased and the face is felt and the differences are evident.

Radiofrequency, hybrid energy, ultrasonic and acoustic wave are used to stimulate the collagen by heat in satin face lift operation. These energies given to the skin have no proven side effects.

Satin Face Lift Operation and Post

Satin face lift operation is an operation that can be applied to anyone who wants more than 18 years of age and signs of aging in the skin tissue integrity.

Needles are not used during the operation and no need for anesthesia, even those who are afraid of the needle can be applied easily as a surgical operation is not. Satin face lift is a method performed by aesthetic specialists.

Since it is a noninvasive method, it is one of the rare operations which can be applied easily to the cancer patients, cardiac pylons users and even to the pregnant women without any side effects.

After the operation, a slight redness and heat increase may be felt due to the acceleration of the blood circulation in the region, but in this case it disappears within a very short time after the operation.

After satin facelift operation, individuals can easily return to their daily activities and it is recommended to use sunscreen to protect the sun from UV rays. Considering that even those who do not have this operation always use sunscreen, this situation is not very essential.

The persistence of the results varies depending on the amount of collagen that is fully activated and the living habits of the patient. Skin aging, dust, dirt, cigarettes, alcohol and use of make-up products covering pores significantly reduce the success rate of operation.

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