Salmon DNA Vaccine Implementation


Since DNA of salmon is similar to human DNA, this method can be applied to everyone over 20 years of age. The method can be applied to everyone, or in cases where there is no need to prevent excessive protein loading. The analysis of whether the individual needs a salmon DNA vaccine is determined by three-dimensional skin analysis. If it is determined that the person needs as a result of the analysis, the necessary sessions for the method are determined and the program is prepared.

Salmon DNA Vaccine Application

Salmon DNA treatment is a method that can be applied in two stages. The first of the two phases is to moisturize the skin and to restore the moisture lost by the skin with an acid called hyaluronic acid to regulate the moisture balance of the skin.

The second phase is a two-week process, which is the preparation for the second stage. The second stage is passed at the end of the one-week period. The second stage of the original process is the injection of saline from the milk of the salmon under the skin.

This method can be injected into the tissue by adding only salmon milk as appropriate to the skin structure of the person and sometimes adding to the serum in different vitamins.

This method is considered to be the most effective of anti-aging applications and is also effective for a long time with the moisture it imparts to the skin.

Salmon DNA Vaccine

As a result of its applicability without the need for anesthesia, it enables people to return to their daily lives within a few days. Because of the fact that the serum of salmon fish milk applied to the skin by mesotherapy method is completely natural, a known side effect and allergic reaction is not known.

Because this method is done by injection method, needle pain can be felt during the application. Redness may occur after the administration due to differences in blood circulation.

Water should not be contacted within the first three hours after the operation. Since salmon milk serum is injected under the skin with injection, it should be protected from sunlight and cosmetic products should not be used for at least 48 hours.

Salmon DNA Vaccine Considerations

Although no side effects or allergic reactions are observed in salmon DNA vaccination applications, it does not apply to preemptive pregnant women, cancer patients, those at risk for stroke, those with diabetes, people with blood clotting problems, and people with heart problems who require medication.

The youth vaccine is not used as a precautionary measure because they have a more sensitive metabolism than a normal individual and are more susceptible to medication. A Salmon DNA vaccine can be administered to all those who are excluded from these persons and who are considered suitable as a result of the analysis.

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