Risks of Hair Transplantation


Since hair transplantation is also accepted in plastic and aesthetic surgery, hair transplantation procedures such as every operation have some risks.

In your hair transplantation process, there are more possibilities to increase these risks.

In FUT procedure, you get a hair cut from the hair area where the hair is dense with a surgical cut and hair grafts (roots) of a certain length and width, and then the hair grafts are separated from this skin and placed in the required area for sowing. The most common risk in the FUT method is the risk of infection. The sutured skin piece is sutured and regular dressing is required. If you do not heal in this area after a certain time, your wounds are infected and you need to talk to your doctor urgently.

The common point of FUT and FUE methods is that, after the placement of hair grafts, the pores with hair follicles are lighter than normal. This increases the risk of infection.

After the operation, the patient should pay attention to the regions where the operation is performed until the doctor's experience. If you have scabs or pains rather than dried blood in the area of ​​hair transplantation, you should definitely see the doctor who you operated on.

Generally, local anesthesia is applied during hair transplantation. Local anesthesia is the process of anesthesia. So you're awake during the operation, but you don't feel pain or pain. If the specialist is not employed during local anesthesia, permanent numbness may occur. The effects of local anesthesia are within 2 hours after the operation.

If this is the case, you should talk to your doctor again. Since numbness can also be caused by damage to the nerves in that area, you should talk to your doctor who is losing hair due to hair transplantation.

One of the risks of hair transplant is that you are not working with a team of experts. Although it is no longer sufficient, many institutions perform hair transplantation at an appropriate price. In this case, during hair transplantation, hair can be sown in a different direction with the other hair. Since hair transplantation is a micro-size process, it should be done very carefully. Hair in the wrong direction causes deformities. To avoid this kind of hair transplantation problem, you should choose the hair transplant centers that are known, with sufficient capacity and who work with specialist doctors.

Hair transplantation is a method that can be applied to everyone regardless of whether it is adolescent or not. However, you should inform your doctor about heart failure, diabetes, hypertension, kidney failure. You should definitely talk to your doctor about whether these types of illnesses can be caused by late healing or some complications during anesthesia, and you should get information about whether you are eligible for hair transplantation.

Although the risks of hair transplantation are not as risky as other surgical procedures, you should be careful about the aesthetic and surgical operation and not to forget that attention should be paid. It can be much more expensive to repair damage that occurs only after the operations performed at a very low cost to provide rent.

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