Relation Between Esthetics And Golden Proportion

Liking or disliking someone is realized at first sight. This case is fully related to eyes’ detection. Being liked a symmetric face or a proportional body is related to the first signals which are sent by eyes to the brain. Aesthetics can be in question for people and also for objects. The proportion between three-dimensional body’s or objects’ dimensions indicates that body or object is esthetical or not. As the proportion is a measurable quality, aesthetics is also a measurable notion. The proportion indicating aesthetics’ limits is named as golden proportion and the principal of the department of aesthetics and plastic surgery is based on the applications being realized to provide this proportion.

What is the difference between Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery?

Actually, there is no difference between aesthetics and plastic surgery. We can just explain that plastic surgery has a larger working area. Plastic surgeons are educated also about assembling the organs which are severed because of an accident, tumour tissues on skin and skin burns. But, most of plastic surgeons work in aesthetics surgery area.

Which aesthetics surgery operations are applied on face?

Nowadays, thanks to developing stem cell therapy and the present of qualified aesthetics surgeons, aesthetics and plastic surgery operations can be considered as nose, nose tip, chin, teeth, cheek, eyelid and ear aesthetics. Aesthetic surgery involves also eliminating the face asymmetry and this operation requires a hard effort. Aesthetics and plastic surgery also realize facelift, cheek lift and neck lift operations.

Which aesthetics surgery operations are applied on body?

With aesthetics and plastic surgery methods, it is possible to realize breast augmentation or reduction, eliminate breast growth in men because of hormonal disorder, form body and practice filling application, eliminate sagging skin disorders occurring because of rapid weight lose in a short time.

It must not be confused aesthetics with traumatology

Aesthetics surgery operations applied to body parts out of face can be related to traumatology. Disproportion of arms, legs or vertebra is also traumatology’s work item. For example, Ilizarov technique, which has been presented by traumatology in knock knees syndrome, is not involved in aesthetics and plastic surgery applications. Not fixing these bones but only getting better external appearance with various filling methods is working area of aesthetics and plastic surgery.

Nose Esthetics

Operations which are realized to change nose form aesthetically are known as rhinoplasty.

Breast Augmentation

The main factor of the body of a woman is the breasts.

Abdomen Lifting (Abdominoplasty)

Tight and flat abdomen is the proof of healthy and fit appearance for both men and women.

Vaser Liposuction

Parts where the fats will be stored in body are determined genetically.

Breast Lift Aesthetics

Over time, breast loss, which is one of the most important parts of female body aesthetics, may result in loss of volume, deformities and sagging. Breast recovery, upright and fuller surgery again is called Breast Lift (mastoplexy).

Bucket Ear

In 5% of all children, it is often due to genetic factors. Play and school mockery of children who come to school with their friends may cause deterioration in children's social relations and decrease in school success.


Wear on the eyelids is the first sign of facial recumbence. The sagging of the upper eyelid and the bags formed in the lower eyelids create a more tired and older appearance. Eyelid Surgery is performed to correct this condition.

Popo Aesthetics

The butt basins have a close aesthetic relationship with the waist and legs and affect the aesthetic appearance of the female body too much. Sometimes structural, sometimes weight gain, and sometimes with age, butt, sagging and sagging of the deformities can be seen. To correct all these operations, butt aesthetic surgery is done.

Thigh Stretching

Progressive mourning and often severe weight loss may cause sagging of the inner leg. In this case, the fringing of the inside of the legs hanging while walking creates a disturbing situation for patients and restricts the freedom of choice of clothing. Thigh stretching is performed to correct sagging here.

Arm Lift

Relaxation and sagging of the sleeves of middle-aged women is quite uncomfortable and prevents the person to wear as desired. To lose weight at an early age can cause these sagging. It is not easy to store this deformity, especially in summer.
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