PRP Supported Hair Treatment


PRP-supported hair treatment is a method used for the renewal of cells on a cellular basis. In this method, the liquid obtained from the blood is placed on the bottom of the hair to prevent hair loss, is a process made to thicken the hair strands.

PRP-assisted hair treatment with auto-hair cloning is one of the mixed treatment methods. While PRP-assisted hair treatment uses only platelets from the blood, in the case of auto-hair cloning, additional drugs are added to the PRP and a solution in the mixture is obtained and the hair cloning process is performed with this solution.

In the treatment of hair with PRP support, thin-haired hair is made thicker by being thickened and preventing hair loss by preventing hair loss. Since hair follicles are provided, hair loss is prevented and baldness is reduced in the long term.

PRP Supported Hair Treatment Application

PRP-supported hair treatment is not available for children under 20 years of age. Although it is a method applied during a total of 4 sessions in 15 days intervals for 2 months, 2 times a month rather than a single session. At the end of the 2-month period, a 6-month break is a process that should be carried out once a year. During the first 10 days following PRP-supported hair treatment, a noticeable change can be observed in the results.

Cures should be repeated once a year in order for PRP-supported hair treatment to be permanent. Repeated treatment with PRP-assisted results is better. In the application of the treatment, the platelets obtained from the individual's own blood are injected to the bottom of the cells without needles and the cells in this area are renewed or revitalized.

PRP Supported hair treatment is done in two ways, the first is the process of injecting the fluid from the blood directly into the scalp. The second one is the addition of PRP liquid to the liquid to which the hair follicles will be sown, and it is a procedure that allows the grafts to remain healthy for longer.

The success rate of PRP-assisted hair treatment in both methods is associated with successful hair transplantation and immediate healing of wounds. In this method, no side effects are seen because of the use of platelets obtained directly from the blood of a person without the use of any chemicals, and they should be done after the treatment that affects the success rate.

What To Do After PRP Supported Hair Treatment

It is important to pay attention to what needs to be done after PRP-supported hair treatment, as it affects the results of hair treatment.

It should not be played with the crusts formed after PRP-supported hair treatment.

On the first day of operation, the planting area should not be wetted and should be avoided.

Sports should be avoided to accelerate blood circulation and exert effort.

When entering the sea and the pool should be careful not to get wet in this area and should be protected from the sun for 3 months after the operation.

Protect from possible impacts and minimize contact with this area.

As PRP-supported hair treatment should be repeated, you should repeat your procedure according to the program determined by your doctor and you should be in control of the doctor in these processes.

If you have any questions about PRP-supported hair treatment, please contact the Barsan Health Tourism authorities for further information.

Barsan Health Officials, which help you to get the most appropriate and best service for your hair treatment with PRP support, are always ready to help you to provide a quality service before and after the treatment.

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