The butt basins have a close aesthetic relationship with the waist and legs and affect the aesthetic appearance of the female body too much. Sometimes structural, sometimes weight gain, and sometimes with age, butt, sagging and sagging of the deformities can be seen. To correct all these operations, butt aesthetic surgery is done.

By removing VASER liposuction with excess accumulated fat on the back of the waist and the back of the leg, waist play is created and the butt can be made more shaped. VASER liposellection can be injected into the buttocks selectively, resulting in a more dislocated butt.

Another method used for butt enlargement is called silicone butt aesthetic surgery. In this operation, the silicone prostheses which have anatomical features of the butt are placed with a 4 cm incision made from the inter-butt line. Silicone butt aesthetic surgery lasts approximately 1 hour and it is possible to return to normal life after the first week.

In patients who lose excess weight after gastric surgery, sagging is seen with loss of volume in the butt. In these people, butt fullness is gained by using the patient's own tissues in the butt aesthetic surgery while sagging is corrected with sufficient stretching. After weight loss, butt aesthetic surgery, a flat scar under the underwear occurs. The operation lasts an average of 3 hours and returns to normal life within a week.

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