Full name of this science is Orthopaedics and Traumatology. It occurs first with the aim of treatment of congenital disorders such as disability. But, it wasn’t satisfied with this aim and continued to develop day by day. Nowadays orthopaedics branch working for the treatment of many diseases, injuries, esthetical defects can carry out essential interventions in many of these disorders. Treatments of orthopedically diseases and disorders are generally considered possible in medical world. If you want to have these treatments in Turkey, we are ready to offer you the biggest help about your orthopedically diseases. 


Orthopaedics offers flexible and healthy life. It carries out works to treat the problems of people who have not this flexible and healthy life. If one is healthy orthopedically, this person is considered as healthy in terms of other medical branches. Because it can be easily of the opinion that this person’s body functions properly. Before orthopaedics came into our life, it had been already important for us. People always noticed that something went wrong and there were troubled things in their body. These disorders are able to be described, commented and treated by orthopaedics science. Nowadays, there are many hospitals and doctors working only in this field in the world. We are proud of meeting you with leader doctors of the world. 


Orthopaedics is the first of the medical branches in great demand in Turkey. People who want to live more flexible, more comfortable and healthier, take support orthopedically. This support given by specialist staff with modern equipments is presented generally under five different titles. First treatment that orthopaedics is interested in is congenital disorders such as hip dislocation and lordosis. The second one is sports injuries. The third one is all injuries of musculoskeletal. The fourth one is the diseases occurring as a result of excessive use of the organs such as arms and legs. The last one involves the arthrolithes occurring with old age. These are main titles which have many sub branches. To have more detailed information, our site will be uniquely suited to you. 

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