Organ Transplantation

It is necessary to have consciousness rising about organ transplantation

The aim of organ transplant is to assure that the people, who have organ failure for various reasons and are in the end of their life, cling to life.  The most important point in organ transplant is histo-incompatibility. Because suitable organ cannot be found, there are millions of patients who lose their life. Actually, these deaths’ reason is that the public does not open up to organ transplant. Certainly it is beside to point to judge people who do not want to donate their organ. But, it is quite clear that it is necessary to raise the awareness of public. 

Which organs can be transplanted?

Some of the organs and the tissues which can be transplanted through organ transplantation are heart, kidney, lungs, liver, cornea, pancreas, intestine, bone marrow, blood and skin. If there is compatibility between organs and two side open up to organ transplantation, transplant is realized. This operation saves patient’s life and increases the life quality. While organ transplantation is realized with the organs of a person who lives, it can be realized also with the organs of dead person. In this kind of transplant, although brain death is occurred, heart must be working. Because, if heart does not work, all tissues in body will die in short time and it will not be possible to make realize the transplantation. 

Person whose brain is dead is really dead?

The most confusing subject about organ transplantation is brain death. In legal dimension, the patient whose brain is dead may not be accepted as a dead person. Religious authority accept the view that medicine adopts. 

Face, arm and leg transplantation

Recently, our country takes considerable steps about organ transplantation with developing techniques. The most important of them is face transplantation. It is allowed to arm, leg and skin transplantation in 1980. Before 1980, the organs such as heart and kidney were possible to be transplanted. Face transplantation has caused a big happiness in people whose faces deform because of accidents, contacts with acidic material.

What is Organ Donation Contract?

There are particular procedures of organ transplantation. According to this contract, people can donate their organs while they are living and also after their death. In respect of these procedures, people can donate their organs whichever they want. But, if there is not an organ donation contract signed in advance, parental consent is considered about organ transplantation through died people. 

Add the front, back, side and top photo for hair transplantation.