Eye Diseases and Treatment Methods

Our eyes enable us to visually connect with the external world, enjoy life and perceive the flavour, the colours and the soul of the life. After long years, most of sight-disabled people can adapt to this situation by creating their own lifestyle. While blindness may be congenital, it may occur with the effect of external conditions, too. There is present treatment for eye defects related to lens problems in eyes but for vision loss, there is not any treatment yet.

Which treatment can be applied for lens defects?

The majority of visual impairment occurs as a result of refractive errors of the eye lenses. Myopia, astigmatism, hypermetropia, presbyopia and colour blindness are related to the problems in eye lenses and colour sensing cells. These defects are generally eliminated with glasses but, if an advanced situation is in question, treatment with laser operation is possible.

Which are the other diseases requiring ophthalmological treatment?

Other diseases requiring treatment are amblyopia, strabismus and eye dryness. Amblyopia is usually known as the less clear vision in one eye than the other. In this disease’s treatment, the eye seeing well is closed with various devices and the other eye is forced to work harder. However, this is a method that is not recommended especially for babies and is about to vanish for many ophthalmological treatment centre. Strabismus is caused by eye muscles which have different lengths and its treatment is possible with surgical inventions. These are not critical interventions. Eye dryness occurs because of the situations such as eye strain, excess exposure to sun and fluorescent light, infection of eyes. And this disease may become chronic. People, who have eye dryness, see blurrily and their eyes often become bloodshot and watery. Treatment is provided with natural tears and ocular vitamins. And special eyeglasses can reduce the sensitivity of the eye dryness.

Is Treatment of Vision Loss possible?

The only problem which cannot be solved with eye treatment methods is vision loss. Vision loss occurs because of the destruction of nerve endings in the back of the eye and no signal is transferred to the visual centre of the brain. And so, vision does not occur. As is known, it is not possible that nerve tissue cells renew themselves. However, according to recent studies, in a new eye treatment method, reteaching visual nerves to see is in question. Even if this method is not %100 successful, it will be enough for some patients. One of the most important causes of vision loss is high eye pressure. Although high eye pressure cannot be risky for people having thicker cornea, if there is high pressure, there is a great risk for the other people.

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