How can you understand if you are obese?

You can understand if you are obese or you border on obesity with the calculation of height and weight index. While to be slightly above the normal weight limit demonstrates that the person borders on obesity, to be much higher than the normal limit demonstrates that the person is obese. In this regard, the most important thing to know is that there is no need to weigh hundreds of kilos. Even a little bit more weight that your height can not lift shows that you are within the borders of obesity. Obesity treatment can be done with many different methods. In the selection of the method, the grade of obesity must be considered. 

Obesity Treatment with Diet

If the obesity level does not lead to death, obesity treatment can be realized with efficient diets. At the same time, the heart problems being caused by obesity are also regularly checked and it is tried to accelerate the metabolism in a natural way. In this kind of treatment, the most important point is patient’s self control. If the patient’s self control is strong, after weight loss, it is possible to maintain the healthy weight level. It is already the main aim of the treatment. 

Obesity and Exercise

In obesity treatments, exercise method can be preferred. In obesity’s lower and middle bound, it is very important that the patient watches himself, motivates himself when his self control disappears. In this type of treatment, psychological counselling has a great benefit on patients.

Pharmacological Treatment of Obesity

In obesity treatment, pharmacological treatment ways are preferred too. Drugs given in this treatment are only used in control of doctor. When obesity level reaches high dimensions, obesity drugs are in question. These drugs should not have side effects and cause addiction. Obesity patients must be careful about the products sold under the name of herbal slimming pills. Because many of these products are fake and their use can cause death. 

Obesity Surgery

If the patient cannot live and move independently, gastrostomy tube can be preferred as obesity treatment. This treatment which has high usefulness as gastric stapling is also known a gastric bypass and obesity surgery. 

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