Obesity Surgery


In recent years, due to the development of technology and the monotonated living standards, obesity is a serious health problem. Obesity, body mass index, ie height and weight is due to your weight is more than your height. Obesity can be seen in many individuals, from infants to the elderly. Especially in recent years, increasing food consumption has increased the problem of obesity.

You can calculate your body mass index with the methods of calculation over the internet or you can learn your situation by using body mass index rulers or you can check your own situation with simple method. In order to be within the normal limits of your body mass index, 10 kilograms of the last two digits of your height are defined as lower limit and 5kilo excess is the upper limit.

For example; If your height is 175 centimeters, your ideal weight range is between 65 and 80. If you're over 80 pounds, you're fat. If you have 10 pounds more than your height, that is, if you are 175 and your weight is 85, then you are in the obese class.

Obesity bells are playing within you even if you are in a light fat or fat class. Obese people are actually threatened by light fat people rather than those who are overweight.

The vicious cycle in the lives of obese individuals is another factor that pushes the limits of obesity. They have the urge to eat psychological rather than love to eat. Therefore, both psychological and medical treatment are required during their treatment.

Although the main reason of obesity is the uncontrolled calories of individuals with nutrients and immobilization, thyroid disorders may cause obesity. In addition, unconscious diets may cause more harm than good.

Although obesity is not previously accepted, it is now considered a serious disease. This is because the cardiovascular diseases, respiratory and digestion, as well as bringing about the problems affecting many systems. Therefore, it is a disease that requires treatment.

In order to treat the cause of obesity precisely, a specialist dietitian should be consulted. As a result of blood and hormone assays, the main reason for the weight problem of the person is found and research is done according to him and the solution is more healthy and final.

Many treatment methods are known for the solution of obesity. The most common and known methods of stomach reduction and clamp fixation can be applied to a specific weight range. In addition to this treatment, very good results can be obtained by supporting the person with medication treatments and diet lists.

If you are out of your body mass index and you have a few more pounds of weight, then you can solve the problem on your own, but it will cause deformation of the skin, which is giving weight continuously and this is an inconvenient situation. The most common skin deformation is cracks and sagging in the body.

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