Nose Esthetics

Operations which are realized to change nose form aesthetically are known as rhinoplasty. It is possible to reduce the size of nose, fix nasal bone curvature, reform nose tip and intervene in nostrils. Nose deformations can be present congenitally or occur because of a trauma or operations and these deformations influence external appearance by breaking the face asymmetry. This case causes self-confidence problems in relationships. With rhinoplasty, we aim at making a new nose which does not appear operated and is coherent with the other face members such as cheeks, lips, chin and eyebrows. Moreover, during rhinoplasty, if there is a disorder related to intranasal elements, it can be assured that you breathe easily by getting better this disorder.

First date, which we will have with you about nose operation, is the most important step in following progress. First, you need to express clearly your expectations and then we need to decide that the appearance you want is proper for your face or not. In rhinoplasty, it is very essential to consider if your expectations are real-like and coherent with your face and to plan an operation according to these factors.

In nose aesthetics operations, general anaesthesia is used and this operation lasts about two hours. You just need to pass the night that you have had the operation. After the operation, there is a splint in the back of your nose and this splint is moved after a week. During this one week, you can return to your daily life and go out however you want. It is assured that you don’t have a complaint with painkillers which you will get orally. After rhinoplasty, in your nose, you can have a little edema which can last about a month. In this period, you should protect yourself from beats. It lasts about six months that the nose is formed fully but after a month of operation, the people around you will not realize that you have had a nose aesthetics operation.

Revision Nose Aesthetics

A number of setbacks may arise after nasal surgery, sometimes for aesthetic and health problems. These undesirable conditions after surgery are called complications. The rate of complications after nasal surgery varies between 7 and 12%.
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