Necessary After Nose Surgery


Nose aesthetics are among the most common known aesthetic operations. Nose aesthetics operations, nose breathing due to the anatomical structure, breathing of the airway, an extra growth in the bones of the nose, as well as the growth of the inside of the nose can be done for reasons such as meat completely due to the individual's own nose structure, the external appearance of a type of surgery that can be done due to want.

It has a structure consisting of nasal bone and cartilage. The nose with sinus cavities is an important organ in creating the necessary air and vibration within our voices except for being the basic organ in our smell.

The closed nose can be changed according to the person's desire and anatomical structure. You can also determine the most appropriate nose structure for your face by talking to your doctor. With the help of technology, you can see the state after the surgery through the simulators and you can have a nose structure that suits you for yourself.

Types of Nose Surgery

Nose operations are open and closed. Generally, open surgeries are preferred. In open nose operations, the nasal tissue is opened and the bones are reshaped. In closed nose surgeries, it is possible to make an aesthetic change by shaping the cartilage tissue and nose skin.

Since there is not much intervention to the nose tip in closed nose operations, the likelihood of a nasal tip drop is less and the bruising and swelling rates are much lower.

You can determine and decide which of the two types of surgery is appropriate for you with your specialist. Open nose aesthetics is more suitable for a definitive solution in medicine.

Things to Consider When Choosing Your Nose Aesthetics Doctor

Our nose, which is located in the middle of our face, is one of the most remarkable places, so you may want to have surgery because of curvature and deformities. While you want to make your nose more suitable for your face and to make it more beautiful, you should pay great attention to the selection of doctors and polyclinics in order to avoid problems after the operations.

The costs are met by the State in the case of anatomically distorted and medical disturbances related to the patient's breathing. You may want to choose a doctor according to your budget because the operations carried out due to aesthetic anxiety are not covered by the state.

Depending on your own budget, you may experience worse results even if you want to have a nose surgery. It is also good to stay away from the logic of good doctors' examination price is high.

Your research for nose aesthetics is also among the things that you need to take care of. Whatever the price, a failed operation can lead to both material and spiritual problems.

The best nose surgery operations are performed in Istanbul. Although there is no problem in the medical as well as nose cartilage after the operation may be the case of the person's healing process is directly related to the operation.

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Necessary After Nose Surgery

Your doctor will guide you as necessary after the nose aesthetic surgery. In general, after surgery should be done; You can apply a five-minute ice complex every hour to prevent or reduce your bruises.

A bruise or swelling around the eyes is caused by blood leakage to the tissues during surgery. The more the bleeding during the nose aesthetic surgery, the more will be the bruise, so it is necessary to be competent first of all your doctor. There will be some bruising, though. To minimize this, you can apply an ice complex for five minutes per hour.

You can have pain after nose aesthetics in this case, you can use pain medication. You can take it every 3-6 hours according to the painkiller dose.

After the nose aesthetics, the nose and the cartilage to fuse together and to fit the shape of the nose is a promise of a nose cast. Normal gypsum varieties have also been used in this case in order to keep your gypsum less speech and mimic movements, you should take care not to wet.

In addition to these, there are also nasal aesthetic gypsum used exclusively. In this case, you don't need to make an extra effort to protect the plaster. After the nose aesthetics, the flu complaint is not caused by the cold. The nasal glands in the nose during surgery are not placed in the buffer. A few days will return to normal. You don't have to do anything extra. During the operation, the nasal buffers are removed nasally within 1-5 days.

Especially after nasal surgery, it is useful to eat from foods that do not require much chewing. He involuntarily moves the nose during the chewing movement and this may extend the healing process.

Bleeding is normal when a blood leak occurs from your nose. But wiping your nose, without blowing, tapping to wipe.

As a result, after the nose surgery all the possibilities to move your nose, serious strokes, avoiding the movement of the six weeks is also useful.

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