Mustache Transplantation


Mustache Transplantation

Mustache transplantation, some diseases or genetic factors as a result of whiskers and beards are not properly applied or applied to people. Operations performed by methods such as FUE method or PRP from hair transplantation technique started in 2006 with the introduction of FUE method in our country.

The operation involving the placement of hair follicles from the region where the beards are located in the desired area is carried out by specialist doctors within the scope of aesthetic surgery. It has been developed with rapidly developing technology and it can be applied without clipping technique. In recent years, people are preferred to return to their daily lives after the operation.

Mustache Transplantation Technique

As the technique of mustache sowing, the most commonly used FUE method is used. Although FUE method is applied in our country as hair transplantation technique in 2006, it is also used as beard and mustache cultivation technique. The application of grafts without any surgical cuts to the desired area, the lack of pain and pain sensation facilitated the use of this technique in the treatment of beard and mustache.

PRP technique, also known as cloning in beard and mustache sowing, is also applied. This method, which is based on cloning of the hair follicles by placing a special liquid, which is taken from the blood of the person to the areas where the beard and mustache will be cultivated, is placed in the root bottoms similar to the process in the stem cell treatment can be used for beard and mustache transplantation.

After Mustache Transplantation

After suturing, there may be redness in the areas where sowing and grafting are performed. No pain should be felt after the operation. However, the pain experienced during the first 24 hours after the anesthetic effect is considered to be normal and painkillers are recommended.

The most important factor affecting the success of the operation after sowing must not touch the water and not to sweat. Therefore, the most suitable season for the operation is spring or winter. Furthermore, it is necessary to protect from activities that cause excessive acceleration of blood circulation.

Apart from these, the healing period varies between 1-3 weeks. Since no bed rest is required after the operation, daily life can be continued.


Beard and mustache sowing prices vary according to the method.

The FUE method differs according to the number of grafts to be planted in beard and mustache transplantation, depending on the specialist physician and his team, the institution where the beard and mustache cultivation will take place.

Multiple sessions can be performed depending on the condition of the person to be treated. The sessions vary depending on the beard and mustache root to be planted again.

In general, the prices of beard and mustache sowing fees, including specialist doctor and institution fees, vary between 1000-5000 TL.

In order to work with specialist physicians on the mustache transplantation and to get the result you want, you can contact the Barsan Health authorities who are always with you before and after the operation.

For detailed information about the FUE method, you can browse the blog page and contact the company officials by filling out the form on the contact tab.


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