Medical Aesthetics


As aesthetic operations, technology progresses and beauty perception is differentiated. However, in aesthetic operations, aesthetic procedures can be performed with new methods among people who want to avoid surgical procedures and who do not want to undergo surgery.

Medical aesthetics, which is a different area of ​​aesthetic operations, is the savior of women and men in this case.

In recent years, medical surgery has not been performed and anesthesia is performed. In other words, the value of the knife under the knife is not valid and necessary for this area.

Medical aesthetics operations performed under the name Laser Laser Hair Removal, Chemical Pieling, Botox, Mesotherapy, Permanent Makeup, Slimming and Regional Thinning, Face Lift, Filling, PRP, Cellulite Treatment, such as operations are.

Painless and painless procedures can be carried out by specialist doctors who have knowledge in the area of ​​special education and also medical aesthetics can be performed by specially trained people.

Since there are no incisions or surgical interventions after medical aesthetic procedures, the patient can continue his / her daily life without any problems. Allergy testing is required before chemical processes. There is no need for any other operation.


Needles are used in medical aesthetic procedures. Particularly during the filling and botox operations or in areas where laser hair removal cannot be performed, needle epilation is also performed.

Medical aesthetic methods have been used for centuries. These methods are applied in medical centers, hospitals, aesthetic centers and beauty centers.

There are risks in these operations. If the operation is carried out without detecting the chemical used, or if the tools and devices used are not cleaned well, and the items such as single-use needles are used more than once, the risk of getting the disease is quite high. In addition, it is possible to give permanent damage to the skin in the procedures not performed by the experts.

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