Lymphedema is also known as elephant disease among the population.

The name of the liquid medium in which the cells are contained is the lymphatic fluid. This fluid is circulated through the lymphatic system and lymph channels in our body. As in blood, the movement of the non-spontaneously lymphatic fluid depends on daily movements. The amount of lymph fluid is in certain proportions, and our body is in constant control to maintain its internal balance.

If the amount of lymph fluid produced in the body is more than the lymph ducts can carry, it starts to accumulate in certain areas of the body and Lymphedema disease occurs.

Lymphedema Treatment

Lymphedema is a disorder that can be treated in four different stages depending on the lymphatic channels and the metabolism of the person.

The stages of lymphedema treatment are as follows; manual lymphatic drainage, skin care, multi-layer bandage and exercise.

Manual Lymph Drainage

Abbreviated as MLD is the technique that involves the movement of the lymphatic system with the external effect of the lymphatic system.

Lymphedema can occur due to the tramline, but it can also occur structurally. Lymphedema is a discomfort affecting all parts of the body, but it is most common in the form of swelling in the arms and legs. In the simplest form, lymphedema is a swelling caused by the deterioration and obstruction of the lymphatic system. Manual lymphatic drainage is the intervention of the lymphatic system in the lymphatic system by the manual intervention of the lymphatic system.

Skin care

Lymphedema is a method of treatment to stimulate skin tissue integrity and damaged cells resulting from edema.

Multi Layer Bandage

As a result of lymphedema, it is the third stage of the treatment method applied to prevent swollen areas and to prevent sagging of the skin.


Lymphedema is also very important in the exercise. When the mobility of the lymph system is directly dependent on the exercise of the person during the day, regular exercise of the lymphatic system plays a major role in preventing this disease.

Exercises to minimize the effects of the disease before or after the onset of lymphedema are classified as 30º elevation, pumping exercises, distal to proximal active joint movements. Depending on your condition or risk of lymphedema, your doctor should recommend the exercises and not neglect them.

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Lymphedema is a common disease in contrast to that known to elephant disease and may cause permanent damage to the lymphatic system, which may occur over time and which is vital when not taken.

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