Liposuction or known methods of fat removal


What is Liposuction?

Liposuction is the process of removing fat from certain parts of the body as is known in the public. The process of taking oil according to the patient's discomfort from certain parts of the body with a special cannulated and vacuum system is among the procedures that have been going on for about a quarter century.

Liposuction Application Methods?

Liposuction application methods vary according to the person's desire and the region of the oil. The technique of liposuction is based on the principle of opening small holes in the area where the small tubular special vehicles are known as cannulated and the oil in this area. Liposuction is applied in four different techniques;

Tumens-Blow Technique; Generally, general anesthesia decreases the patient's feeling of pain even though a chemical reaction is injected under the skin. After the numbness is achieved, the oil is extracted from the region by the effect of the cannula under the effect of the chemicals given under the skin.

Ultrasonic Liposuction; Ultrasan is the liposuction method. Although it is more convenient to apply to hard parts of the body rather than soft tissue, it is a method which is not preferred due to its damages.

Laser Assisted Liposuction; Used in combination with tumoral liposuction, it is a laserololysis method used to dissolve the fats in small areas before the completion of tumoral liposuction.

Superficial Liposuction; It is the method used for the absorption of fats that are closer to the surface than the oil layers that are much lower than the skin. This method can also prevent skin sagging, resulting in a tighter skin. However, capillaries under the skin are likely to be damaged.

What should be done after liposuction?

What to do after liposuction; Since the liposuction process is a serious procedure, the person needs to make serious changes in the diet after the healing process.

In order to prevent the body from collecting edema, salty foods should be avoided and water consumption should be increased. Low carbohydrate nutrients will increase the risk of edema in the body of each meal should be given carbohydrates.

After the liposuction operation, which is a remedy, it is necessary to avoid fatty foods, fries and fatty snack foods.

Severe depressions may be seen on the skin after liposuction, which is definitely a doctor's error and cannot be corrected individually. In order to prevent such problems, Liposuction operation should be carried out by a specialist in his work.

Skin care products are also among the products you should use, the products recommended by the doctor must be used regularly and liposuction areas should be considered.

In case of not paying attention, the amount of edema or fat due to the fat taken from the skin due to the amount of edema and fat as the body may settle.

Liposuction after the operation with the least problems and the best result is definitely depends on your doctor and the method used. Liposuction, which is a serious process, should be done by a specialist doctor. For this reason, you can get support from health tourism companies that can help you in choosing institutions and doctors.

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