Leg Aesthetics


Leg Aesthetics

Leg aesthetics can be applied to men as well as bone structure, as well as the structure and connective tissue is an aesthetic surgical operation.

Leg aesthetics is the aesthetic operation of the legs which is thin or thick, with ankles thick, with parenthesis legs and kneecaps. Silicone in the leg aesthetic or the person's own fat tissue is used. Leg aesthetics can be applied to people over the age of 18 who have completed adolescence or development.

Leg Aesthetics Methods

Methods of leg aesthetics include methods of reducing the amount of fat accumulated in the legs of people with thick legs and disproportionate to the body, or correcting the legs by thickening properly.

In general, the arrangements in the direction of thickening are carried out by adding silicone or the fat tissue taken from the person to the required zone.

Leg esthetics performed in a period of 1-2 hours are performed under local anesthesia. Knee cap or ankle problems are solved in the leg aesthetics performed by specialized plastic surgeons. Prosthetic placement procedures are also accepted within the scope of leg esthetics.

After Leg Aesthetics

According to the procedure applied after leg aesthetics, people can be moved immediately after the operation and can also be kept under supervision for 24 hours. Some of the operations performed under the leg aesthetics are very simple, but some of them can be quite comprehensive.

The methodology of the operation performed and the doctor's expertise prevent the complications that may occur after the operation. Although pain is rarely seen after leg aesthetics, this situation is controlled by pain medications.

After the leg aesthetics, no matter what operation, you should avoid the movements and impacts that will force your legs. Mostly varicose veins should be used after the operation. It is the most suitable spring and winter season for leg aesthetics, as tight silicone or fat tissue should be placed between the connective tissue and it must be worn tightly so that it can be held between the connective tissue.

Leg Aesthetics Prices

Leg aesthetics prices vary considerably. The operation and the scope of the operation are directly related to the price. The prices of surgeries that require fineness, such as knee cap surgeries, are more common, while silicone placement in the legs or the placement of a person's own fat tissue is still quite different in prices.

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