Laser Lipolysis


Laser Lipolysis

Laser lipolysis method of fat intake, body, arm, leg, abdomen, such as the accumulation of fat in a surgical incision without opening the oil is the process of cutting the fat cells. Slimlipo, also called laser slimlipo process in the regional area of ​​weakening and thinning, those who want to increase the collagen structure of the skin and slackness of those who want to tighten and people who want to prevent sweating is a method that can be applied under the armpit. Fat removal by laser lipolysis, which can be applied to everyone who has completed their development, is highly preferred because it prevents the re-formation of fat cells.

Laser lipolysis, which can be applied to men and women, can be applied to thin the fat layer accumulated in any part of the body except for the arms, legs, abdomen and waist, and to remove and eliminate cellulite.

Laser Lipolysis Operation

General anesthesia is not applied to the person during laser lipolysis. The area to be taken for lubrication is anesthetized by local anesthesia so as not to be affected by the heat to be given to the person. Afterwards, the incisions are opened very thinly by millimeter and the blood cells are cut into the tissue and the fat cells are disintegrated and dispersed. The laser lipolysis procedure is terminated by leaving a certain dose of laser energy into the last fat tissue.

Laser Lipolysis operation is 15-60 minutes according to the region to be applied. At the end of this method, the fat tissue is not taken out and is absorbed by the body and excreted naturally. Since the millimeter cuts opened during the operation are too small, there is no need to stitch. There is no side effect on the vessels and nerves as it is directly targeted to the fat tissue during the procedure.

After Laser Lipolysis

The corset should be used after laser lipolysis. The corset must be used for 1 week so that the tissue does not sag and the collagen structure can repair itself again. The changes after LA lipolysis were determined within 6 weeks and the complete success of the operation was seen as clear after 12 weeks.

After the laser lipolysis, physical activities should be avoided for 3-4 weeks according to the operation area. Also, the compression bandage should not be removed or loosened at first.

Edema may occur in the body after laser lipolysis. For this reason, diet, salt, sugar, fat and carbohydrates are required to be diet-based. The fat cells destroyed during the laser lipolysis do not return, but the volume of fat cells may increase if the nutrition and sporting pattern is not observed.

It is also recommended that patients undergoing laser lipolysis should be provided with a soft massage in order to achieve lymphatic mobility and reduce edema 10 days after the operation.

Laser Lipolysis Prices

Laser lipolysis prices vary according to the region to be applied. Since you do not need a surgical operation, you can send us a message, send an e-mail or call us at the communication tab for your questions and suggestions about this method which can be applied by specialists in beauty centers and beauty salons.

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