Infertility Treatment and Prices


Interfetility is a disorder known as infertility among the population. It is a condition that couples should be paid attention in case of not getting pregnant within one year despite their regular relations.

There are many reasons for infertility. Although it can be caused by a woman or a man, both sides are healthy and there is no reason for infertility. Infertility treatment; the age of the couples, the duration of infertility, the number of children, the woman's ovary status is planned.

Infertility Treatment Methods

Infertility treatment methods are applied according to the cause of infertility. Among these, the most commonly known and applied methods are egg laying, vaccination treatment and in vitro fertilization.

Ovulation Therapy; also known as ovulation induction. It is the most common method in women's monthly ovulation periods. The purpose of spawning treatment is to ensure that the woman lays her eggs every month and when the egg is mature, it is aimed at increasing the chances of pregnancy by having a relationship.

In this method, it is ensured that the eggs are taken by means of oral medications and subcutaneous injections. The duration of this treatment method usually varies between 3 and 6 months. If you do not become pregnant at the end of this period, different causes are searched and different treatments are started.

Ovulation therapy is a treatment that can be carried out on its own as well as it can be supported by vaccination method.

In order for one or both of the ovulation and vaccination treatments to be applied, one of the woman's uterus tubes must definitely be open. People who have both tubes closed will be given tube baby treatment instead of this method.

Application of Ovulation and Vaccination Treatment

After the second day of the menstrual cycle, the ovulation therapy is administered orally or by the help of hormones. The medications are continued for five days, including the day on which they are started, while the needles are continued until the egg size is 16-18 mm. Egg size is monitored by ultrasonic methods. When the egg reaches a sufficient size, the egg is cracked again or the egg is expected to crack due to the normal cycle. Since it is important to have 24 hours of pregnancy after egg cracking, it is recommended that they enter into this period. It is recommended that the woman lies on her back for a while after the intercourse as it is an important factor affecting the conception in the post-relationship period.

The vaccination method is performed in this period of ovulation. Vaccination is done 36 hours after the cracking of the egg or after the cracking needle has been made. The principle in the method of vaccination is that the sperm, which is the male reproductive cells, are sent to the female uterus and the egg to fertilize the eggs that have been broken. This method, which is applied in the infertility of unknown cause, is aimed to make the sperm cells suitable for the fertilization by providing volume and mobility to the sperm cells obtained from the male.


Vaccination is also important male sperm cells. Vaccination is also important for the condition of the sperm as well as the condition of the female reproductive cell and the condition of the uterus tubes of the woman. Although there is no definitive treatment of infertility, it is a procedure for unknown infertility.

IVF Treatment

If there is still no gestational state with ovulation therapy and vaccination methods, if the male sperm count is low and healthy, both of the female uterine tubes are clogged, then in this case, IVF treatment is applied.

IVF treatment is a four-step method. These are the development of the ovaries, the collection of the ovaries, the fertilization and the placement of the fertilized embryo in the uterus.

After IVF Treatment

Some complications may occur in women after IVF treatment. Some of those;

As a result of overexcitation of the eggs, fluid accumulation in the abdominal region may cause bleeding and infection.

Eggs are fertilized after collection and infection may occur during transfer of the embryos to the female uterus.

Eggs are affected by males as well as males. During the male sperm from the ovaries can be seen bleeding or infection in the testicles.

There may also be some complications during pregnancy after the IVF treatment. The risk of low-risk and abnormal infant development during IVF treatment is also slightly higher. In addition, the development of ectopic pregnancy is more than normal. In addition, multiple pregnancies may occur. Since multiple fertilized eggs are placed inside the uterus to keep the fertilized eggs in the uterus, the multiple pregnancy rate is very high.

IVF Treatment Fee                                                                                                             

IVF treatment is a treatment that requires a long process and is applied to both men and women. The cost of IVF treatment may vary depending on the hospital and the specialist doctor. Drugs used during the treatment and the fees for the operation vary between 5000 TL and 8000 TL.

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