How to Make Popo Esthetics


Popo Aesthetics           

Popo aesthetics is an operation to correct the deformations of dents, flattenings, melts or excessive fat accumulation.

Genetic factors are the main cause of deformities in the butt area. Genetic factors combined with weight problems can cause deformities in this region. In addition, the diet may cause cellulite in the buttocks and may lead to disproportionate weight gain and may cause serious disfigurement in the butt area.

Popo aesthetics has become more fashionable in recent years. As a result of the efforts to correct the sport by the results of the women's more preferred by the butt aesthetics of the butt, shaping, lifting and stiffening, stretching, butt gamzesi creation, silicone prosthesis addition, enlarging and reduction operations include.

Considering the anatomical structure of the doctor and patient, it can be done to every healthy person who has completed his adolescence and is over 18 years of age and the weight loss process ends.

How to Make Popo Esthetics

During butt aesthetics, silicone and implant prosthesis or fat transfer can be used to enlarge, stretch, lift, shrink, and lift.

Buttock silicone and implant prosthesis aesthetics are similar to breast augmentation. The silicone placed under the muscle does not affect your daily activities, but the healing process takes four or five days. If you want a more natural method of magnification and shaping, you can choose the fat transfer method in this case. In this case, you need to use a recovery corset for a certain period of time after the operation and there is no trace.

Butt stretching operation is an operation performed in sagging situations. The operation to correct cracks and sagging in the butt area can be performed after the weight problem has been solved. It is the aesthetic surgery that causes the foot to remain in the butt area.

Butt reduction; Although large and steep hips are usually favorite, people with weight problems in this region to get rid of fats is a troublesome process. Therefore, butt reduction operation is another preferred operation like others. Butt shrink operation is an operation that takes about 2 to 3 hours under general anesthesia like other operations. During this operation, degreasing is carried out.

Butt lift; This is the combination of fat transfer and implant use during operation. General anesthesia is mostly used in the operation of suspend systems.

Popo aesthetics according to the desired butt shape is determined. An expert doctor is interviewed and the decision is made at the end of the examination.

Things to be Considered after Popo Aesthetics

After the aesthetics of the popo, you should not sit on your butt for a few days because of the sensitivity in this area. It is better to have a normal sitting position after a period of about a week.

In addition, a period of up to a month to your muscles in your butt can force, exertions that may cause you to stay away from spores.

As a result of these operations in which the feeling of pain is not much, it may be necessary to use a shaping corset. This may be slightly different in implanted butt aesthetics.

After this process, there is a scar on the middle part of the butt.

Your doctor preference is very important in order to achieve the exact shape you want. The butt aesthetics, which are not covered by the health insurance provided by the state, are carried out in private institutions and organizations. You can see the operating room to be done in the aesthetics of the popo and you can perform your surgery by talking to your doctor in advance.

You can ask your questions about Popo aesthetics surgery and the questions you want to learn from the website and get detailed information.

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