How to Make Arm Stretching Surgery


Arm stretching surgery, also known as brachioplasty, is an aesthetic and plastic surgery operation to correct sagging of the arm area and provide an aesthetic appearance to the arm.

Arm stretching surgery, internal fat accumulation in the arm and also due to the gravity of these regions due to the occurrence of sagging is also known as a result of a bad image can be done to correct the surgery. Although the main reason for the accumulation of fat in the arm is genetic factors, excessive weight gain and crack formation may be sufficient to encourage this operation.

In general, if the excess fat tissue under the skin is sometimes sufficient to take, however, if there have been sags in this area due to severe cracks or after breast cancer, arm stretching surgery should be performed.

How to Make Arm Stretching Surgery

Arm stretching surgery is a series of procedures aiming to give a smooth appearance to the skin in this region, by taking the excess fat under the skin.

Arm stretching surgery can be done by removing the fat tissue by entering under the armpits and it can be performed by taking the skin excess under local or general anesthesia. There may be scars after the operation, but the final result is to get rid of the smooth and flabby arms.

Non-surgical arm stretching can be performed in patients who are young and who do not want to be scarred. Non-surgical arm stretching; radiofrequency of subcutaneous arm region under the skin is a treatment that can be seen in a week. It is the process of disintegrating the fat tissue in the region and revitalizing the skin by increasing the temperature under the skin.

Also one of the most common methods for arm stretching is that laser removal is important.

In order to decide on the operation of the arm and fat layer in the arm, consult with the specialist and decide the appropriate operation as a result of the examination.

What to Do After Arm Lift Surgery

If the suture is sutured after the arm stretching operation, ensure that the sutures are not wet and avoid water. After one week, the stitches can be taken and then returned to normal life.

After arm stretching, swelling or bruising can be seen on the arms, and in this case a fifteen minute ice complex can be made every two hours. In addition, keeping the arms above the heart level will reduce swelling and edema.

During the healing process and after 2-3 months following the surgery, the weight of the arm muscles should not be lifted and the sports such as swimming should be avoided.

Postoperatively, there may be a fluffy and red scar, but it is not possible to remove it. In time, it becomes faint and spontaneously less pronounced.

Arm tension surgery also involves some risks, like all other operations, and minimizing postoperative risks is dependent on your doctor's ability and ability. Barsan Health Tourism and website, www.barsanhealth.comare at your service to work with specialist doctors and get detailed information about your questions.

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