How to do hair transplantation


Hair transplantation is an aesthetic operation with different methods of hair loss or dilution. It is named as the whole planting process which is taken from the region where the hair is from a lot to the desired and rare part.

The percentage of success of plantation operations in Turkey is one of the highly countries. The cause of hair loss may be inherited from the testosterone hormone.

People who do not have chronic diseases and who have enough hair follicles in the area where hair is to be taken can also be transplanted. Hair transplantation is an important factor in hair transplantation in the region of the absence of a dermatological disease.

Hair transplantation is performed only by aesthetic and surgical specialists. Apart from aesthetic and surgical specialists, hair transplantation procedures are not healthy and not legal.

How to do hair transplantation?

Hair transplantation hospitals are operated by plastic and plastic surgeon specialists in surgical operation rooms. In addition, special plastic and aesthetic specialists in the polyclinics, accompanied by a team of specialists in the necessary preparations are made after the operation with local anesthesia. Hair transplantation is performed by two methods: FUT and FUE. According to the hair structure and hair condition of the person, appropriate method should be determined by specialist physician.

FUT method of hair removal by removing the hair grafts in this region by taking hair transplantation FUE method performed after the Fut method of hair grafts to be removed and placed in the hair to be added to the process.

The hair transplantation process is a procedure FUE method, which is completed by localization of the hair follicles from the area where hair follicles are determined after local anesthesia, and the process of transplanting hair to the region where there is a lot of hair loss.

After the hair transplant process, a large part of the hair is poured, but this situation should not frighten you. It is important that the hair follicles will remain under the skin due to hair loss after about 10-12 weeks after the new hair is extended. In some cases, hair loss may not be seen after sowing. This situation can be seen rarely.

After the hair transplantation, the general condition evaluation and the success of the operation are evident after 8-12 months.

What should be considered after hair transplantation?

The success of the hair transplantation process is more dependent on what is done after hair transplantation. You should also remember that the hair transplantation area is very sensitive.

After hair transplantation, contact with water should be avoided and contact with water should be avoided for two days.

The use of cosmetic products should also be avoided in order to fully adapt the roots in the hair transplantation area.


After the hair transplantation, the first wash is performed in the hair transplantation center under the control of the doctor and the washing of the hands as taught by the patient is important for the hair transplantation operation.

Very little bleeding occurs when placing roots in hair transplantation. Crusting will occur as a result of blood clotting. Playing with these shells should not interfere with the roots and should be avoided.

Avoiding sweating after hair transplantation also affects the healing process positively. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid the spammer spores. In the first days of operation, cold compresses can be done every two hours.

According to the situation, people who have hair transplantation should not be sunbathing for 1-3 months. The use of antibiotics and painkillers to be recommended by the doctor after the operation is important to prevent possible indications.

In order for your hair transplant to be successful, it is important to remember that the operation is as important as the operation after the operation.

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Hair transplantation is the process of placing the hair follicles in the desired area instead of the hair that is caused by genetic factors or due to natural conditions. In hair transplantation, two methods are used as FUT and FUE. First hair transplantation operations were performed by FUT method. Hair transplantation started to be performed in Istanbul with FUE method.

Hair transplantation operations are preferred especially for people who have baldness problems due to genetic factors. If there are other causes of hair loss, in such cases, treatment is performed first and then hair transplantation operation is performed. FUE method in hair transplantation operation was started to be applied in 2004 after FUT method. In our country, FUE method which is performed without hair cut operations and high surgical cut is performed since 2006.

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