Hair Vaccination


Also known as hair vaccine, auto hair cloning method. Hair vaccine is a method used in hair loss problems. In this method, it is aimed to strengthen the hair follicles by means of matrices. Hair vaccine vitamins and PRP drugs are used. This specially prepared mixture is also specially formulated.

The hair vaccination method has been started to be used as a treatment in hair loss with the development of the method used in organ regeneration and burn treatment in 2008.

The hair vaccine method is a method that can be applied to women and men as in other methods. Hair vaccine method, especially when applied in the first phase of hair loss is a treatment that provides very good results even prevents baldness.

Hair vaccine method, also known as hair cloning method is preferred by more women. Thickening and strengthening of fine-stranded hair is also provided by this method, which is the choice of people who want to get more lush hair hair vaccine method can also be used in my eyebrow and beard hand.

Hair cloning, hair vaccine method in those who have hair loss problem, in those who want to thicken and thicken their fine hair hair, hair breaker discomfort as a result of a certain region of the balding, baldness and baldness are used in those who are in danger. This method can also be applied in oncology specialist control after the treatment of cancer patients.

Hair Vaccine Method

The hair vaccine method is the same as the auto hair cloning method and the procedure steps are applied in the same way. In hair vaccine and auto hair cloning method, specially produced drugs and the serum obtained from the serum portion of your blood as a result of mixing with the substance known as PRP is a method that allows the cells to stimulate the growth of cells as similar to stem cell therapy. Repair of damaged cells is the method of healing and growth of existing cells, as well as the production of hair roots to accelerate tissue production is to create.

In this method, local anesthesia is applied to the region where the hair vaccine will be made. Any pain during the process is prevented from being felt and the special mix prepared by injection is applied in a 1-hour session.

During the hair vaccine operation, the cells are stimulated to regenerate and grow. The hair vaccine method is also called the hair cloning method because of the special mixture given to stimulate the cells not only enlarge itself, but also clone the hair follicle cells around the new healthy hair roots are formed. Therefore, this method is called hair vaccine or hair cloning method.

After Hair Vaccine

The success of the operation after the hair vaccination and the results are visible in the 6 months. However, it takes about 1 year to declare an idea of ​​the success of the operation. In addition to the self-renewal of cells, the formation of new cells and cloning of cells and the outflow of hair from cells of sufficient size differ between 6-12 months.

In order to be successful in hair vaccination method and to get the desired result, the treated area should not be wetted for a few days, excessive effort should be taken, avoid sun and be protected against impact.

The use of cosmetic products should be discontinued after the hair vaccine. Cosmetic products contain chemical products and adversely affect cell development and formation.

Hair vaccination is a painless process after and after the procedure. Therefore, no pain or pain is expected. You should contact your doctor immediately in case of unexpected conditions.

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