Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation

Hair transplantation is the surgical technique that moves individual hair follicles from a part of the body. Hair loss happens because of some causes like environmental, hormonal, hair and skin diseases, genetic, and senility factors.

Hair transplantation in Turkey

Hair transplantation in Turkey provides the outland patients to prefer Turkey for hair transplantation due to adapt developing new techniques easily, increasing modern hospitals and clinics which have expert staff about hair transplantation, make the patient going on their individual life thanks to complete hair transplantation only in one day, join touristic trips to see natural and historical places apart from the treatment and the most important one is having hair transplantation more qualified and cheaper than the other countries. Thousands of patients from worldwide come to Turkey for hair transplantation every day.

Hair Transplantation in Istanbul

Istanbul is the best city to decide for hair transplantation and one of the attraction centres for tourists with abundance of modern hospitals with expert staff, located in a place connecting Asia and Europe continents, was the capital of 3 empires and presents an intimate life with the history and natural beauties. A great deal of tourists prefers Istanbul to couple up their holiday and treatment. Additionally you can have all these services with more fair prices than the other countries.

There is a permanent solution for baldness

Male-pattern hair loss, also known as male pattern baldness is one of the important reasons of hair loss that influences directly people’s daily life, psychology and social condition. Even if you do not have any matters about baldness as long as you feel unhappy yourself, you do not care about the others opinions. Therefore people who are bald or have hair loss problem, just want a permanent solution and this permanent solution is actually present for long years. The solution is certainly hair transplantation. Even if hair transplantation seems as cliche for a solution method, the operation is now so simple with new techniques. Now let’s look logic of hair transplantation.

What makes hair transplantation possible?

The main cause of the male-pattern hair loss is known as the susceptibility of the hair follicles on the top of the head to testosterone. Follicles in the nape of the neck and the back of the head are not sensitive to that hormone so that it is not frequently come across any 

Add the front, back, side and top photo for hair transplantation.