Risks of Hair Transplantation


Since hair transplantation is also accepted in plastic and aesthetic surgery, hair transplantation procedures such as every operation have some risks.

Hair Transplantation in Turkey


Hair transplantation surgery in Turkey, located between operations carried out after that began shortly after started to be realized in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions in Hair Transplant


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Hair Transplantation Methods


Hair transplantation methodsthat can be applied towomen and men who have hair lossand baldness problem foranyreasonare FUT Method, FUE Method, Auto Hair Cloning / Hair Vaccine, PRP Aided Hair Transplantation methods.

Hair Loss andTreatment Methods


Hairloss, over time duetogeneticfactorsorenvironmentaleffects of hairfollicles as a result of weakness of hairlossandover time, thehairfollicleswiththecompletedisappearance of thebaldstate is a problem.

Hair Vaccination


Also known as hair vaccine, auto hair cloning method. Hair vaccine is a method used in hair loss problems. In this method, it is aimed to strengthen the hair follicles by means of matrices. Hair vaccine vitamins and PRP drugs are used. This specially prepared mixture is also specially formulated.

How to do hair transplantation


Hair transplantation is an aesthetic operation with different methods of hair loss or dilution. It is named as the whole planting process which is taken from the region where the hair is from a lot to the desired and rare part.

PRP Supported Hair Treatment


PRP-supported hair treatment is a method used for the renewal of cells on a cellular basis. In this method, the liquid obtained from the blood is placed on the bottom of the hair to prevent hair loss, is a process made to thicken the hair strands.

Auto Hair Cloning


Auto hair cloning is also known as hair vaccine. Hair cloning is a special formula consisting of matrix, vitamin, drug and PRP which provides the intercellular connection developed for the solution of hair problems

Fue Method


The Fue method, Follicular Unit Extraction, is a hair transplantation method known as follicular unitremoval. With the development of technology in hair transplantation technology, it has emerged asan alternative to FUT method in recent years. In this method, which has more advantages than FUT method, it is the method of applying individual hair follicles to the area where hair transplantation is performed rather than taking the hair follicles in block.