Hair Transplantation in Turkey


Hairtransplantationsurgery in Turkey, locatedbetween operations carriedoutafterthatbeganshortlyafterstartedto be realized in theworld. The development of technologyshould be easyto transport bothwestwardfrom Istanbul in Turkey alsoallowsthedevelopment of thesetypes of operations.

Geneticorenvironmentalconditions, hormonaldisordersoutsidebecause of theinfluence of thesavior of thepeoplelivingbaldnesshairlossproblems as a result of hairtransplantationwasfirstperformedwith FUT operations in Turkey. Duetothefactthatthismethodcausedsurgicalcutsandothertraceswereleftduetotheneedforothermethods, it wasdevelopedwiththehelp of technologyandcaused FUE method. Implemented in 1990 FUT method is used as a treatmentforhairtransplantation in Turkey in 2004 withthe FUE method is applied in theworldtomeetTurkey'sfirst in 2006 andopened a newera is abouthairtransplantationbyperformingthisoperation.

Turkey in 2006, first as FUE method is a lotweldedadvantageafteruseclinicsanddoctorshavestartedtopreferthe FUE methodand Turkey has spread duetomanyparts of theplantation operations withease.

Istanbul, which is thecenter of aesthetics, is amongtheplaceswheretheoperation has thehighest rate of successandtheapplicability of theoperationbyspecialistdoctors.

Both of differences in purchasingpower in bothtechnologydevelopments can be followedmuchclosertothecenter of Turkey, Istanbul has made on theplantation as well as on otherissues.

The history of FUE method in ourcountry is 10 years as of 2016. However, thenumber of peopleandthenumber of peopleareincreasingrapidly. notjust men whoarehesitanttoperformhairtransplantationHairtransplantation in women has operations in Turkey. Overalltheaveragepersonwhoperformshairtransplantation in Turkey in 25 men overtheage of majority of patientsattractsattention, it is makehair in women.

Tothewest is nolongerplantation operations that can be performedanywhere in thecountryfromthe East in thescienceandculture of Turkey, which is themostsophisticated, you can contact us toperform in Istanbul.

Fordetailedinformationabouthairtransplantation operations, you can browseourblogsectionandcontact us byphoneor e-mail viathecontact form.

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