Genital Region Aesthetics


Genital Region Aesthetics

Genital area aesthetics is an operation performed by specialist doctors who complain about the lips or shape of the vagina of the vagina, which are not symmetrical in the vagina lips, deterioration in shape and structure, sagging of the vagina after normal delivery.

Genital region aesthetic surgery can be applied to every individual who has completed its development. Genital area esthetics, genital area sagging, internal lips reduction, vagina narrowing and hymen repair operations are performed.

Aesthetic Methods in Genital Region

The aesthetics of the genital area is very sensitive and should be applied by the specialist esthetician doctors. Anatomical and genital region aesthetics performed according to the person's wishes differ according to the procedure to be performed. Methods according to the operations to be applied to the genital area;

1. Genital area sagging: Weight gain, birth and age in the outer lip of the vagina oil located in the arrow over time, or with the effect of gravity can hang down. In such a genital area, the silicone substance or the fat tissue taken from another part of the body of the person is placed in the pubis and outer lips of the vagina and the operation is completed.

2. Labioplasty: (internal lip reduction) Internal lips in the outer genital area of ​​the vagina may be too large due to genetic factors. Normally the inner lips may be 4 cm longer than 1.5 cm, which is considered to be the normal sagging in the inner lip of the outer lip. In the labioplasty operation, the genital region aesthetic method is performed to reduce the sensation rate on the inner lips and surgical reduction is performed.

3. Vaginoplasty: Vaginoplasty, which is one of the most applied procedures in the genital region, is vaginal tightening. The expansion of the vagina formed by the normal delivery and relaxation of the muscles in the outer wall of the vagina, and a simple method of the genital area aesthetic methods are solved by narrowing the vagina wall.

4. Repair of the Infiltration: It is an operation that involves the restoration of the hymen that has been ruptured due to a relationship or any other reason, to be restored anatomically and to have bleeding in sexual intercourse. The rate of success according to the time of rupture and the state of the tissues changes in the hymen repair operation which is applied most in the genital area aesthetics methods.

After Genital Region Aesthetics

Generally, pain is not felt after the genital area aesthetics. Although the pain condition is very rare, this situation is eliminated with the help of pain medications.

After the aesthetics of the genital area, no bathing should be done for two days. Depending on the operation, this period may be longer. You can consult with your doctor about hymen repair operations. Labioplasty and vaginoplasty should be washed with special lotions recommended by your doctor in genital area operations.

The most important thing to pay attention to after the aesthetics of the genital area is to sit up and take attention. Over the first few days, too much pressure should be avoided and too narrow clothing should not be worn. Besides, it should be avoided to have a relationship for at least 3 weeks except for hymen repair operations, and the operations should not be equal to the period and should not be adjusted during the recovery period.

Genital Region Esthetics Prices

Genital region aesthetic prices vary considerably according to the operation to be performed. You can contact us at contact information for realization of your genital area aesthetic operation and price information by specialist doctors.

If you have any questions regarding the operation, you can browse our blog page, contact us by phone or contact us via the contact tab on the website to get pricing information. All arrangements are made in accordance with your budget in order to make you feel comfortable before and after the aesthetics of the genital area. For the necessary arrangements for the realization of your operation in the aesthetic center of Istanbul, all you need to do is contact us.

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