Fue Method


The Fue method, Follicular Unit Extraction, is a hair transplantation method known as follicular unit removal. With the development of technology in hair transplantation technology, it has emerged as an alternative to FUT method in recent years. In this method, which has more advantages than FUT method, it is the method of applying individual hair follicles to the area where hair transplantation is performed rather than taking the hair follicles in block.
Fue Method Application
The first procedure from FUE method is to perform local anesthesia. Then, the hair grafts are taken individually and separated according to the hair follicles. Prepared for hair transplantation.
Depending on the density of hair follicles in the area to be transplanted, small holes are opened and the prepared hair roots are placed in the direction of the hair follicles.
Fue Method Benefits
FUE method is a method called minimally invasive. In the old hair transplantation methods, the tissues are cut and cause traces. In addition, because the old methods are the method of knife surgery, the possibility of pain, wounds and infections after the operation is greater, but this is not the case in FUE method.
The Fue method is a very successful method to give the skin the closest view to nature as the skin can be cut and given the desired angle. In hair transplantation, the placement of the roots and the determination of the hair direction are outside the surgeon's control in other methods, whereas in this method the surgeon determines the direction of the hair follicle completely. The physicians who accept a new period of hair transplantation with FUE method prefer FUE method according to FUT method.
What to do after Fue Method
The success rate of hair transplantation operation is highly dependent on the person's attention after the operation.
There is no pain after Fue method. But you should still rest. You can return to your normal life, but you should avoid doing heavy sports. Although hair transplantation is important for hair follicles after hair transplantation, this is not the case with FUE method, so you can sleep the way you want.
Since there are no cuts in the FUE method, it is not expected that there will be tension and numbness in your scalp and you should discuss this with your specialist.
Hair can be washed 2-3 days after hair transplantation. You only need to use a special care lotion that your doctor recommends before washing. After hair transplantation, you should use a special shampoo that will be given or picked up after hair transplantation rather than normal shampoos.
The first three days after hair transplantation are of great importance. This region should not be hit by any impact and it is important to protect your hair follicles against damage to the hair transplant area.
You should take care not to sweat after the FUE method. You should also avoid sunbathing and take care not to get the hair transplant area wet when entering the pool or the sea.
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FUE method of hair transplantation methods, hair grafts to be taken directly and placed in the desired process. Since there is no surgical operation, it is more preferable to be sourced, since there is no trace and then it is reproducible as much as desired. FUE method is the most common hair transplantation in Istanbul and achieved success rates of up to 90%. After hair transplantation with FUE Method, the success of the operation is necessary to follow the doctor's recommendations. FUE method is applied in our country since 2006. According to the FUT method, the success rate is high and no trace in the hair transplantation zone allows people who want to have hair transplantation.

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