Frequently Asked Questions in Hair Transplant


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How long does hair transplantation last?        

Hair transplantation operation varies according to the hair transplantation method you choose. Due to different methods in FUE and FUT methods, the duration of hair transplant operation depends on the method and the number of grafts to be planted. Perform hair transplantation at the same time differs from the doctor and his team.

Since FUT method is covered by surgical operation, the duration of hair transplantation operation with FUT method differs between 5-8 hours.

Hair transplantation with FUE method differs between 2-4 hours.

How many sessions are applied for hair transplantation?

Hair transplantation can be performed once in a single session in FUT method.

Hair transplantation with FUE method varies according to the amount of hair to be planted and the width of the sowing area. According to the opening of the person's hair transplantation region can be completed in 1 session as well as 6 sessions. Hair transplantation can be repeated with FUE method.

The number of sessions should be determined with your doctor.

Does hair transplant process occur?

There is no pain or pain caused by local anesthesia during hair transplantation.

Does hair grow after hair transplantation?

The causes of hair loss should be eliminated in hair transplantation. After the operation, the hair is sown, and then the healthy hair is removed.

When do the planted hair come out?

The extension of the sutured hair also varies according to the method used. FUT method is a little longer because of the healing process, this process is 1 year. In the FUE method, the re-emergence of the sown hair occurs within the first 3 months. Healthy and non-shedding permanent hair can be spread for up to 6 months. The emergence of the sutured hair is also related to how much you pay attention to the operation area in this process.

Which age of hair transplantation is suitable for people?

Hair transplantation process is completed in all ages and completed adolescence. In general, hair transplantation is more suitable for people aged 20 years or older.

Does the appearance of hair appear naturally when the hair transplantation is done?



Grafts to be sown during the hair transplantation process will be the same color and natural color as your hair color, since it will be your own hair from the most intense areas of your hair.

Does hair come out after hair transplantation is poured again?

Hair growth after hair transplantation if the main problem for your hair loss can be spilled if the problem is not solved. After the hair transplantation, the permanence of the hair is 75%. Your hair will not be poured again and permanent unless there are additional factors.

Can hair transplantation be done for women?

Hair transplantation is an operation that can be performed without discrimination. Every individual who has completed 20 years of age can perform hair transplantation.

FUT method is a surgical method after hair transplantation and it is caused by pain. FUE method is a method you will not feel pain during and after the operation.

What is a graft?

Grafts are common hair roots. In hair transplantation operations, the hair follicles that are indicated as grafts and taken for planting should not be evaluated as hair strands. There is more than one hair strand in a graft taken during hair transplantation. The grafts that contain 5-10 hair strands are called ft Slit Grafts Gre and the grafts that contain 20-30 hairs are called gre Strip Grafts İçer.

When will the wounds heal after hair transplantation?

After the hair transplantation in the FUE method between 5-7 days of seeding in the region of the crustacean appearance disappears and the healing process begins. In FUT method, the recovery time of surgical incision varies between 1 week and 1 month depending on environmental conditions.

Does hair remain on the trail after sowing?

After hair transplantation, there is no trace in the FUE method, but in the FUT method there is a scar in the graft area which is 1 mm in length and 22 cm in width.

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