Barsan Health Tourism takes commission not from the guests, from the contractual health institutions. The price does not change whether you get a price from a hospital or from us. Also we can take special prices because of steering more patients to hospitals. Therefore, obtaining consulting service from us is more suitable for you and also besides the treatment it would be more pleasant taking guidance service, transfer, hotel accommodation and city tours from us.

Turkey is the 6th most visited country in the World annually with about 40 million tourists. The patients coming for treatment to Turkey is increasing every day. At the end of 2013, according to Ministry of Health data, the number of patients coming to Turkey exceeds 300.000. There are several reasons to prefer Turkey for treatment of patients:

  • Most of the hospitals and health institutions in Turkey is accredited by JCI (Joint Commission International).
  • Hospitals in Turkey give very qualified service especially about Ophthalmology, Hair Transplantation, Esthetics and Plastic Surgery. Moreover, in some diseases, these services are cheaper at the rate of %50 or %75 than the services of the other countries.
  • Turkey combines health and tourism with being home to many civilizations, excess of historical places to be seen, natural beauties, being the point of junction of Asia and Europe continents, termal plants, pristine beaches and being a country of living the four seasons.
  • Our hospitals provide services in all languages, Turkish hospitality, and are in comfort of five star-hotels.
  • The possibility of a combination treatment and rest.
  • Close attention after the treatment.

We accompany you during your entire trip. One of our special staff speaking your own language will accompany you during your entire trip. Our staff will meet you in the airport to accompany you to your hotel and your hospital, and will accompany you in meetings with hospital staff. If you wish, our major tasks are to edit your leisure time in the city and Bosphorus tour and leave for the airport at the end of therapy. Our most important task is to make you feel as at your home.

As in all countries, there are differences in quality between hospitals and health institutions in Turkey. In addition, every hospital specializes in a different branch. Our task is to provide you taking the highest quality service with the cheapest way and returning to your home happily.

All your travel and treatment information are meticulously maintained. These informations are not given to another person or organization without your consent.

It is not mandatory to take these services from us. Whether you can take all as a part of package or some parts of the package or only health service through us. It is entirely depending on your preference.

Turkey is a country where one can enjoy four seasons and each season can be seen in different natural and historical beauties.

Istanbul is a great metropolis with location of being in a point connecting Asia and Europe continents, being the capital of 3 empires in the past and can be visited in any season with natural beauties.