Wear on the eyelids is the first sign of facial recumbence. The sagging of the upper eyelid and the bags formed in the lower eyelids create a more tired and older appearance. Eyelid Surgery is performed to correct this condition.

Eyelid Aesthetics are planned operations by evaluating the whole eye area. A number of non-surgical procedures are also performed to rejuvenate the eye area. Botox treatments for goose foot treatments, fillings for volume losses in tissues, laser treatment and laser peeling for fine wrinkles and stains can be done without surgery. Sometimes these procedures can be added to eyelid aesthetic surgery.

Upper eyelid surgery can be performed under local or general anesthesia. Made from natural residue over 1 cm above the eyelashes and dangling skin is removed. It is not necessary to stay in hospital after upper eyelid aesthetics alone and there is no pain after the procedure. Swelling and bruises take an average of one week. If there is a decrease in the eyebrows upper eyelid aesthetic surgery can be done with the eyebrow hanging.

Lower eyelid aesthetic surgery is usually performed with general anesthesia and often the upper and lower lid are treated together. When the aesthetics of the lower eyelid remain a trail just below the eyelashes, this trace almost disappears over time. The lower eyelid is closely associated with the cheek region and often associated with mid-face aging. Lower eyelid surgeries may also include mid-face lift if necessary. After these surgeries, he is usually hospitalized overnight and returned to normal life within a week.

Although aging continues after the eyelid aesthetic surgery, the effect of the eyelids is very low and it is never restored. Although postoperative wear varies according to the patient, it is possible to correct this appearance with aesthetic procedures around the eyes.

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