Eyelid Aesthetics Prices


Eyelid Aesthetics Prices

Eyelid aesthetics is an aesthetic surgery that involves the removal of excess skin tissue around the eye, called blepharoplasty in medical language.

Eyelid aesthetics can be done because of the sagging of the eyelid, which is low with the eyelid and with the progression of age over time, and the formation of a second layer in the eyelid. After the aesthetic operation performed according to the request of the person and the eye structure, younger and more vigorous eyes, fatigue and old age symptoms are reduced.

According to the person's preference, only the eyelid can be fixed, as well as an aesthetic surgical operation including the removal of bruises and bags around the eyes. According to your eye structure and preference, you can talk to your doctor and determine the appropriate procedures.

Eyelid aesthetics are usually performed in people over 35 years of age when the eyelid is low enough to prevent vision. In younger individuals, eyelid reshaping procedures are performed to show larger eyes.

How To Make Eyelid Aesthetics

The eyelid aesthetics are performed in the form of the lower and upper eyelids of the person relative to each other and the removal of the fat layer accumulated inside them.

In the operation involving the removal of excess skin tissue and fat layer accumulated in the upper eyelid, the condition for the lower eyelid may be slightly different. While forming the lower eyelid, fat layers that accumulate over time can be taken, and sometimes they can be shaped by hanging together with the fat tissue in the middle part of the face.

In young individuals, it may be sufficient to shape the lower and upper eyelid according to the eyelids. You can decide the best technique and method by talking to your doctor.

What to Do After Eyelid Aesthetics

After eyelid surgery, eyes should not be played with the dressings and eyes should not be handled. Dressings should be removed or replaced by your doctor.

Sometimes pain can be felt in this case can use pain medication. You also need to sleep on a higher pillow than a normal height pillow so that no bruises and swellings around your eyes will increase. After a few days you can use a normal height pillow.

He must avoid the sudden movements of the head until he is fully recovered and take care not to bend his head downwards.

Generally, dry eye can be seen for a few days after the operation. To prevent dry eye, artificial tears, eye drops and ointments and creams recommended by your doctor should be used without hassle.

Since eyes can be more sensitive than normal, direct sunlight should be avoided and sunglasses should be used. Low light conditions can also reduce pain if there is a lot of light sensitivity.

The fact that water does not touch the eyes and the surgical areas are not wetted at the first time is important for accelerating the healing process. Therefore, it should be noted that direct contact with water should be avoided for the first 3 days. One week later, it can be easily washed and contacted with water.

The use of glasses can be continued in the same way, but the use of lenses should be continued one week after the eyelid aesthetics.

Considering that the eyes are one of the most important organs of our vision, any intervention to this point is vital. For this reason, you should request and decide the risks before and after the operation and your doctor to inform you about the consequences.

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