Eyebrow Removal


Eyebrow Removal
Eyebrow lifting process, congenital eyebrows with low eyebrows due to aging or falling over time due
to the aging of this region is a combination of aesthetic surgery covering the removal of wrinkles.
Eyebrow lifting is performed mostly after the age of 35, when the effects of time and wrinkles begin
to appear, wrinkling of the forehead area and the eyebrows start down because of the loosening
muscles. The eyebrow lifting operation can be done by any individual who has completed its
Eyebrow Removal Methods
Eyebrow removal methods are collected in two groups as surgical and non-surgical methods.
The operative method may include operations that include the eyelid directly. Extensive operations
can be carried out according to the condition of the person, as well as operations involving only
eyebrow removal and reconstruction of the eyebrow belt.
Non-surgical methods are more preferred today. Botox technique is the leading method. However,
botox technique is not used alone, wrinkles removal, to remove eyebrows simultaneously botox,
eyebrow removal, eyebrow lifting aesthetics can be used in combination.
According to the age of the person and the condition of the botox, iple eyebrow lifting, spider web,
ultherapy and surgical methods are determined by the preference of specialist doctors.
Eyebrow Removal
Eyebrow removal is performed within 30-60 minutes under local anesthesia. The time may be slightly
longer depending on the condition of the person and the procedure to be applied. If there is no
surgical operation, the patients are discharged on the same day. Non-surgical methods can be
applied by specialist physicians as well as procedures such as botox can be applied by aesthetic
specialists and then only the facial muscles should be moved excessively and the water should be
avoided for 24 hours.
Very rare pain is observed after eyebrow removal. There is no trace of any traces due to micro-level
Eyebrow Removal Prices
Eyebrow removal prices vary from 1000 TL to 10,000 TL according to the simplicity of the process.
Within the scope of the prices determined according to the facial structure and the degree of
hanging of your eyebrows, the correction of wrinkles around the forehead and the surrounding area
increases the persistence of your eyebrow lifting process and covers all the operations performed
simultaneously with each other at prices.
Eyebrow removal process is carried out at the micro level and must be done with extreme care. The
skills and experience of your doctor or aesthetic and beauticians with a certificate of practice and a
few of them are very important. You can fill in the contact form of barsanhealth.com and contact us
with your inquiries to contact the experts and contact the highly experienced people. As soon as
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