Dental Treatment


The teeth are structures similar to the hard bone in the oral cavity, the root part of which is connected to the jawbone and the upper part is exposed.

The teeth first appear in infancy. These teeth are called milk teeth. Afterwards, these teeth fall in the 7-9 age range and fall into permanent teeth. Teeth after the milk teeth are permanent teeth. The last tooth extraction phase also ends with the emergence of the tooth called wisdom.

When it is examined according to tooth structure, it consists of four parts. These sections are separated as enamel, dentin, pulp and cement respectively. Teeth are important because they both help digestion and also pronounce vowel and sound. It is therefore very important for the disorders that occur in the form and structure of the teeth.

Disorders and Causes in Teeth

Disorders that may occur in the teeth may be different from their size, overlapping, adherent or excessive teeth, as well as missing teeth may cause problems in form and structure.

The cause of disorders in the teeth in general, the early fall of milk teeth, can be excessive or missing teeth, teeth during the extraction of teeth after the teeth, such as nibbling, nail eating habits can lead to disorders in the teeth.

Apart from these, the most common problem is tooth colors. Although most of the disorders in tooth colors are cigarettes, alcohol, tea and coffee, antibiotics used in the child period may cause freckling and brown spots on the teeth. Also, it is known that gray and color of the teeth are decayed and dead teeth, and teeth are not brushed on a daily basis.

Treatment of disorders that may occur in teeth

For the treatment of deformities in teeth, the most well-known braces are treated. With the help of the wires placed in the teeth, the teeth come into the required position and the teeth are arranged in the arrangement of the teeth gap, the arrangement of trapezoidal teeth, the arrangement of tooth spacing and jaw structures play an active role in the arrangement.

Implants can be made instead of dead or missing teeth due to structural defects in the teeth. Zirconium coating can also be used for structural defects.

In some cases, there may be serious loss of teeth in terms of signs of aging.

Your dentist and the method you follow is very important for dental treatment. There may also be a loss of your healthy teeth due to wrong treatments.

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