Dental Health

Orthodontia, Dentistry and Odontotherapy

Dental health and dentistry is the field that the science of medicine dealt in detail. This area has also sub-branches. While dentists usually try to realize specific recovery and protection of dental health, orthodontists work to eliminate structural defects in mouth and teeth. In fact, it is possible to say that orthodontia is a bit closer to the aesthetics practises. Dental treatment may be within the working area of the dentists and the orthodontists according to the problem’s type in teeth.

Dental Treatment Techniques Applied By the Orthodontists

These techniques are denture prosthesis, dental implants, dental braces and the removal of defects in the jawbone structure. These treatments are carried out with surgical interventions. While some of them get result in the short term, some get result in the long term. Dental braces getting result in the long run are applied by dentists.

Differences Between Dental Prothesis and Implant Applications

Although dental implants and dental prothesis applications are based on the same sense, there are some differences between them. Increasing the life quality of the patients is the main aim of the dental practices. For this purpose, complete teeth number in mouth provides chewing the foods as required, prevention of speech disorders and also esthetical appearance during conversation and smile. The implant and prothesis applications allow the completion of missing teeth in the mouth. Prothesis are used when more than one tooth are in question and can be fixed or removable. But dental implants are applied for a single tooth and prepared tooth is fastened to the gum with screw.

The Importance of Age in Dental Brace Treatment

Dental treatment is realized in a manner that requires different techniques and practices according to age. Oral and dental health treatment of a child and an adult are not the same. Age concept is very important when it comes to dental health. For example, thanks to the elimination of dental crowding in early age, when the person becomes an adult, he/she will not have psychological problems and the treatment will be completed in a short time. Dental braces may be preferred in adults too. But, in this case, the treatment time will be longer.

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