Check Up


Check Up

Check up is defined as the fact that the person undergoes a health check despite having no illness. After 20 years of age, it is necessary to have a regular check up once a year.

All of the health checks to be done in order to detect the diseases that may occur and the diseases that may occur afterwards, are included in the check up scope.

Check Up What to Do

Check up is a process of checking all your organs and limbs from head to foot with a simple description in a fully formed hospital.

In the check up process, if there is a disease, firstly, studies are carried out to determine it and then the so-called general routine controls are performed.

The controls that start with giving blood will continue with the examination and inspection of all units within the scope of the checks you will make. Especially for the detection of diseases that may be hereditary and can develop over time, cardiovascular diseases, cholesterol, sugar, obesity and cancer types are examined by all units and is tried to be determined if you have the disease.

Check Up Benefits

Check-ups are very useful in terms of prediction of diseases that may be inherited at the beginning of their benefits. Diseases are not only hereditary, but also life conditions and nutritional methods.

Check the benefits of check up

Determination of hereditary diseases and taking the necessary precautions before the emergence of these diseases, reducing the risk of disease or slowing or stopping the progression of the disease

Improving the quality of life of the individual by increasing the level of well-being and happiness,

Taking measures to prolong the life of the person,

Reducing the costs during the illness and saving the person's budget by treating without illness will be among the check-up benefits. In the studies, the costs during the treatment during the illness are much higher than the costs before the disease occurred.

Check Up Hospital Selection

Check up the hospital selection is very important. Working in the hospital and working with the latest technology is very important for the detection of your disease. Your doctor is also very important for the correct detection and treatment of your disease. Since the correct treatment methods that will be followed by your doctor as much as the disease treatment will play an important role in the prevention of the disease, you need to be careful in the selection of the hospital where you will check up.

It is the way to check the hospital in the hospital. Please make sure you have a check up specialist in the hospital that you are going to take with an appointment. Thus, you will prevent the loss of time. Since the life span of 55 years to now is 75-80 years ago, it is essential that you have to check up early in order to spend this time in a healthy and vigorous way. Especially if you have never had a check up until the age of 35, you should have a good hospital check up for a healthy life.

You can get help from the Barsan Health Tourism authorities to check your health checks and check-ups at the best hospitals at the most affordable rates. You can ask your questions in the communication section of and get support in your area.

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