In 5% of all children, it is often due to genetic factors. Play and school mockery of children who come to school with their friends may cause deterioration in children's social relations and decrease in school success.

Scoop ear formation, the ear can not be formed from the outer fold, the bucket part is too deep or the ear may be due to stay away from the head. Immediately after birth, banding and mold treatments can improve. However, after three months, the ear cartilage has lost its ability to bend, so it is absolutely necessary to have a bucket ear correction surgery.

Scoop ear correction surgery should be performed no later than 6 years before the child starts school. However, because of the instincts of families to protect their children, there are also patients who have been admitted to scoop ear correction surgery in adolescence. Scoop ear correction surgery can be performed under local or general anesthesia. Operation 45 min. and does not need to be hospitalized.

Scoops remain behind the ear during the ear correction surgery and are not noticed. Tennis band is used for 3 weeks after surgery. It is possible to return to normal life immediately.

Add the front, back, side and top photo for hair transplantation.