Breast Reduction


Breast Reduction Operation

Breast reduction operation is the process of cutting and removing breast tissue. Breast reduction operation can be performed in cases where men and women have too much breast tissue, in cases where the individual causes discomfort, depending on his / her own preference or medicine.

Breast reduction operation should be performed after hormone treatment because the reason for the excess of breast tissue is due to hormones and the growth process may continue after the surgery.

Sometimes the cause of breast tissue may be a cause of disease other than hormones or structural features. If there is a painful condition in the palpable and palpable part of the breast tissue, it is also useful to perform a breast reduction operation after being investigated and the main cause is found.

Breast Reduction Operation Methods                       

Breast reduction operation methods vary according to the body structure and the size of the breast tissue. Basically breast, breast and breast tissue is taken to remove excess fat, skin and breast tissue.

According to the structure of breast tissue; reverse T or a straight cut is performed to perform the operation. After the breast reduction operation, these cuts remain as traces. First of all, it is not possible to destroy the trail even if the trail that is light pink is approaching the skin color at the time.

Considerations After Breast Reduction

Considerations after breast reduction operation; First of all, any movement that would force the chest muscles should be avoided. It is necessary to stay away from sports such as running and swimming, to relieve pain and exert effort.

Patients who are discharged after a hospital stay for a day after the breast reduction surgery are required to go to the control at the specified intervals. Since the first 2 months are very important for the healing process, athletic underwear should be used instead of normal bra during this time.

Bandages around the chest should be removed by the doctor. In the meantime, the breast can also be seen with bruises and a mild swelling. This is a symptom of recovery, and a fifteen minute ice complex can be applied every two hours to reduce bruises. Certainly, the operating area should not be heated and kept warm.

Depending on the type of surgery required to take the desired shape is approximately 2-3 months. If there is disproportionate pain after surgery and pain, an aesthetic and eplastic surgical operation may be required.

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