Breast Lift


Breast Lifting Surgery

Breast uplift surgery, also known as mastopexy, is an operation to remove sagging in breast tissue. Breast tissue is an organ that grows in women and can deform over time due to the effect of estrogen hormone during adolescence.

After weight loss, breast tissue sagging, large breasts should be descended from where it should normally be, breast tissue after breastfeeding after breast reduction operation can be performed.

Breast lift operation involves breast tissue, scalp and nipple as an operation to erect the breast and have a conical structure.

Breast Lifting Surgery Methods

Breast lift operation methods vary depending on the individual's preference and anatomical structure. At the same time, silicone breast augmentation and uplifting can be done at the same time, only the excess skin tissue can be taken and the breast tissue and muscles can be erected. It is an operation that lasts about 2-3 hours aiming to regulate the skin, nipple and shape of breast according to breast tissue during breast lift surgery. After the degree of sagging is determined by the doctor and sometimes determined by the reduction of the area is sometimes performed with the enlargement process. In some cases, the breast lift operation is completed several times. The degree of breast sagging and the expertise of your doctor also play a major role in repeated surgery. After Breast Lifting Surgery After a breast lift operation, a small scar can be left depending on the type of surgery performed. The possibility of pain after surgery under general anesthesia is very low. The sutures thrown during surgery are removed by the doctor after dressing a few times and if the aesthetic suture is removed, the healing process begins without the need for stitches. Although there is a slight swelling at the beginning, these bumps disappear for as little as a week.

You need to stay away from spores that require effort to heal the stitches and make sure that the breast tissue and shape fit well. It is also recommended to use sports underwear in the recovery process.

Doctor and Institution Selection in Breast Lifting Surgery

Care should be taken in the selection of doctors and institutions during breast lift surgery. As well as the quality of the materials used, the experience of your doctor has a great effect on your operation.

To be able to find the most suitable and confident physician for less trouble and a smoother operation, it is necessary to pay attention when conducting research on the internet. Your doctor will discuss with you frequently before the surgery and answer your questions and review their previous studies, and even discuss with other patients after the operation.

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