Breast Lift Operation


Breast Lift Operation

Breast lift operation is a mastopexy performed in the medical literature within the scope of aesthetic operations. Mastopexy is the process of correcting the sagging of breast tissue for any reason and making it anatomically necessary.

Breast lift operation can be applied to all individuals who have completed their adolescence and have no serious health problems. In adolescents with hormone hormone growth in the hormone estrogen homonu effect of the breast tissue grows and this texture deformation under time. Decreased function of the muscles holding the breast tissue as a result of deformation is among the biggest factors of chest sagging.

Individuals who prefer breast uplift operation are usually those who have sagging breast tissue after weight gain, sagging breasts as a result of shrinkage of breast tissue during pregnancy and breastfeeding period.

Breast lift operation involves the shaping of the breast tissue with a conical structure, and operations of reshaping the breast skin and the tip.

Breast Lift Operation Methods

In the breast uplift operation, operations are performed by examining according to the anatomical structure of the person.

Breast lift operation with silicone supplementation is the most preferred method in breast lift operations after the shrinkage and sagging of breast tissue.

If you do not want to enlarge your breast tissue and breast tissue after the weight gain or breastfeeding period has occurred sagging in the chest region of the excess skin tissue can also be taken by taking a steep operation.

In the method of breast uplift, the method according to the degree of breast sagging is determined by specialist doctors.

In the breast lift operations, the operation of the nipple after the uplift operation is carried out simultaneously in the following operation.

After the degree of sagging is determined by the doctor and sometimes determined by the reduction of the area is sometimes performed with the enlargement process.

In some cases, the breast lift operation is completed several times. The degree of breast sagging and the expertise of your doctor also play a major role in repeated surgery.

Breast Lifting After Operation

The surgical scar can remain after the breast uplift operation according to the preferred method. Pain is not felt after the breast lift operation performed under anesthesia.

Nowadays, because of the aesthetic sutures thrown after the breast lift operation, there is a need for dressing only a few times. If your stitches are not aesthetic sutures, the sutures should be removed by the doctor, but the aesthetic sutures do not require any suture removal.

After a breast lift operation, a very slight swelling may occur and in this case it will spontaneously pass within a few days. If the swelling does not pass, you should consult your doctor.

The main thing you should be aware of after the breast lift operation is to avoid activities that will force your chest muscles. Exercise, such as running, weight lifting activities to stay away from your activities and not to sweat is an important role in healing your wounds. In addition, under the chest lift operation in the underwear radio and non-press athletes and athletes should use the underwear. After your stitches are recovered and your wounds are healed, you can return to your normal sports activities and your life after 3 to 3 months.

Breast Lift Operation Prices

Breast lift operation prices differ according to the administration to be applied, especially for doctors and institutions. Many different factors, from the silicone material used to the quality of the materials used for the lifting operation, affect the prices.

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Breast Lift Operation Doctor and Institution Selection

The most important factor is the selection of doctors and institutions for the success of the operation in order to obtain the desired result in the breast lifting operation and to avoid any problems after the operation.

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