Over time, breast loss, which is one of the most important parts of female body aesthetics, may result in loss of volume, deformities and sagging. Breast recovery, upright and fuller surgery again is called Breast Lift (mastoplexy).

Breast lift surgery is performed especially in pregnancy and breastfeeding process, also after menopause and weight loss, and in people with sagging breasts, although there is no significant problem with the size of the breast due to gravity. Breast lift operation is brought to the place where the nipple is required and the breast is regained volume.

If there is an advanced decrease in breast volume; If the breasts will remain too small after breast lift surgery; using silicone prostheses for surgery; the nozzle is again gained volume. Breast augmentation surgery, breast augmentation is also added.

Breast lift operations are performed only by one of the techniques that will leave a round shape around the nipple or an additional downward straight line and sometimes reverse T shape. Which technique will be used in breast lift surgery depends on the patient.

Breast lift operations are performed under general anesthesia and lasts approximately two hours. It is enough to stay in your hospital one night after surgery. Although the first days are a painful process, it is possible to return to normal life on the third day.

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