Breast Enlargement


Breast Enlargement Operation

Breast augmentation can be done to individuals who have completed their adolescence.

Although the breast tissue is anatomically similar to men and women before adolescence, breast tissue growth occurs as a result of the increase in the hormone estrogen in women during adolescence. The breast tissue is the anatomically evolved organs for the breastfeeding of the baby after birth through specialized milk glands.

The excess or shortness of breast tissue varies depending on the individual's body structure, genes and hormones. In these cases, people who want to reach more beautiful and fuller breasts can be operated. Sometimes, this operation is performed to correct the differences in the shape and size of the breast tissue after the birth and breastfeeding period.

Breast Enlargement Operation Methods

Breast augmentation is performed by implanting silicone or implants into the breast tissue.

Breast augmentation can be performed at the age of 18 and over 45 years of age.

Breast augmentation is basically placed in the silicone or implant breast tissue, which is also suitable for the person's preference and body structure.

In breast augmentation operation, silicone or implant can be placed in breast tissue by several methods. The first is the placement of silicone under the breast tissue. Others are the access to the breast tissue under the armpit, insertion of the silicone from the nipple and insertion of the silicone through the navel hole. Your doctor will determine the most appropriate method for you according to your body structure.

This operation can be performed in some cases as part of the breast enlargement operation, as well as in some cases where the patient is anesthetized.

Considerations for Breast Augmentation

Considerations after breast surgery;

First of all, after the operation in the breast tissue, you should avoid any problems with your stitches or exerting effort to fully fit the silicone or implant placed in the breast tissue.

During the first three-week period, arms should be moved upwards and heavy items should not be lifted. Our arm muscles are connected to the breast muscles. Difficulties in these tissues may inevitably prolong the healing process after breast augmentation.

If you have had breast augmentation in the summer, you should be protected from the sun, especially in the first month, and you should never let the sun contact you. High degree of protective cream should be used during the sun.

After the surgery, especially for the first month should not be used wire-braided brassiere.

Breast Augmentation Operation Doctor and Institution Selection

Breast augmentation operations are not accepted in the scope of health insurance by the state since our country is accepted completely in plastic surgery class and there is no medical reason for it. In this case, you can do research on the internet while selecting the doctor and institution during breast augmentation operation, but you should remember that most of the news on the internet is for advertising purposes. Do not forget to have a face-to-face interview with your doctor before performing your breast augmentation.

When choosing a doctor and an institution, you can examine the doctor's research yourself and ask to speak with someone who has undergone breast augmentation following operations at the institution.

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