Breast Augmentation

The main factor of the body of a woman is the breasts. Women, who are not satisfied with the form of their breasts, limit their wear to hide this dissatisfaction. Sometimes, they try to change their position by slouching. Mostly, they can experience self-confidence problem in their social life and relationship. 

Breasts can have small volume related to the developmental factors, breast-feeding, gaining and losing weight. In this case, breast augmentation operation is realized with implant to make the breasts more fixed and plumper.

With developing technology, silicone implants are made safe. Moreover, the number of its variety is increased in terms of form and volume. So, we have a chance to realize breast augmentation operation which will meet each patient’s need and can be designed personally. 

In breast augmentation operation with implant, general anaesthesia is used and this operation lasts about one hour. You just need to pass the night that you have had the operation. During the week following your operation, you may have pains which will recover thanks to painkillers that you will get orally. But, this case does not limit your activities. You can return to your daily life after a week of this operation.

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